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About her name being called out for the HP audition at her school (2007): "I thought I was in trouble or had a detention. The school had these things called blue slips and I already had a couple for not handing in homework and for being late."

Watson Weekly Magazine Issue #004, finally! // 4 July 2006

Hey everyone!

I know you have all been waiting for it, so here it is! But first, I would like to tell that it’s all my fault if it took so long time. Don’t blame the others, I’m the only responsable.

Anyways, better later than never :

This week video is : Nickelodeon’s U Pick Live on 3 June 2004. You can download it HERE.

Unfortunately, we had some problems and there’s no Events article this week. Hopefully we will be able to get one for the next week :).

Finally, I would like to congrats Maud for winning the banner’s competition! Good Job!

(I added the banner’s competition rules in the magazine so everyone can read them again 😉 )

[ Fred ]

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58 Responses to “Watson Weekly Magazine Issue #004, finally! // 4 July 2006”

  1. Lorine says:

    I have forgetten.I am french.

  2. Chelsea says:

    I so love the drawings! Their really really good! The rest of the magazine is good too!

  3. emma's#ONEfan says:

    Love the issue! But how come Funky Fashion is not about Emma, it was like all lindsu lohan!! Ohh well, best issue so far i think! Keep up the great work!:smile:

  4. Cecily says:

    Why?I really want to have the magazines!!!!Please!!!Make more issues!!

  5. appu says:

    good job keep it of the week is hilarious

  6. r/h fan says:

    I enjoy reading Watson weekly. Please post more.

  7. Berfin Tonaydin says:

    send more videos but new ones

  8. Maud says:

    OMG 😮 I’ve just arrived froim Oxford and I click in, I see my banner!!!! i’m so happy!!! Thank you very much everyone!!! Thank you (l) (k)