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About what she misses now that she's living in the US (2010): "The food, the food! Marks & Spencer's food. I miss English chocolate. And I miss silly things like the adverts on TV."

Watson Weekly Issue 07 // 23 October 2006

Hey guys!

I just wanted to let you know that the 7th issue of Watson Weekly is out! This is one is a bit old-style. It has a lot of torn up edges that helps bring out the newspaper theme.

If you run in into any problems, please leave a comment here and I will sort it out!

And don’t forget to send us your vidoes, portraits, ideas, etc… for the next issue! Email them to! Thank you!

Click on the Thumbnail below to view the new issue! 🙂

[Edit] Thanks to Monique for telling about the Random Talk page. I fixed it so you can read it now! Thanks a lot for letting me know 😉

[ Jasmine ]

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66 Responses to “Watson Weekly Issue 07 // 23 October 2006”

  1. Cool4ever says:

    The Watson-Weekly looks nice and the PotD is very pretty. 🙂

  2. nish says:

    Good interview. This is one of my favorite pictures of Emma ever. Seriously, she is so drop-dead gorgeous.

  3. Cool4ever says:

    I agree. She's very beautiful. 🙂

  4. Ariane says:

    Love your site my site is in french sorry!

  5. Michelle&Felicis:) says:

    YESS FINALLY!!!! WOOOHOOOO I loved every single word from it!! and the watson weekly ALMOST!! LMAO 😆 cool article about chocolate!! and the potraits ROCK

  6. R/H fan says:

    What does LMAO stand for?? 😕

  7. Essie says:

    It means like, LAME or, lol, you know? ( i think thats what it

  8. Michelle&Felicis:) says:

    it stands for laugh my ass off i can't believe you didn't know that one 😕 lol 😆 strange, where are you from R/H fan? i'm from chile! 😛

  9. Omayma says:

    It doesn't work I realy want to see it 🙁

  10. grace says:

    what is the video about in WW. 😕

  11. ~~Abby~~ says:

    I love Emma. :smile:.I am sorry. :smile:.I just love love her acting. :smile:.

  12. Angela says:

    Why can't I download WW?? I want it…Emma!! 😕 😛

  13. Lisa says:

    hi the cover of watson weekly is wrong! it's for last issue!! please correct it. thanks.bye! 😉

  14. dook says:

    Lisa, The cover is correct. You probably have the old cover in your browser cache. Try reloading the page with Ctrl-Reload or Ctrl-F5.

  15. Kendahl says:

    when ever i print a few oages it only saves a third of the page no the whole 😥

  16. tisdale says:

    hi. 😉