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Emma on Jimmy Fallon

Emma Watson was a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon this evening. They talked about Noah and Russell Crowe, the recent media hubbub about viruses, Perks, and collecting vinyl records. The highlight of the appearance though was Emma showing us some great moves as she danced with Fallon.

Update: NBC has the video on their site, embedded below. It’s in 2 parts and you have to sit through the ads. Sorry about that. Also, they may not work in some countries.

Update 2: Added part 3 of 2 😉

Update 3: Added transcript below. Best effort, some missing, probably some mistakes.


JF: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, the lovely, the beautiful, Emma watson!

JF: Emma, you look gorgeous. Do you watch a lot of late night television? [unintelligible] Hey, I have a question for you, I really do.

EW: Ok, really, for real?

JF: Yeah, are you shooting a movie with Russell Crowe right?

EW: I am indeed.

JF: Where is it again?

EW: We were shooting in Iceland, in Reykjavik.

JF: And I just heard that he got like — cause is he crazy or something? He is nuts. He got like pulled out of the ocean or something with…

EW: He, yes, there was, he was — yes, he had to call the emergency services, he needed to get rescued off a kayak.
But this came as no surprise to me, because like Russell bikes to set, he like walks like 6 miles to set–

JF: Yeah, he’s an adventurous guy.

EW: If he like catapulted onto set in a jetpack I probably wouldn’t blink. I would be like —

JF: Yep that’s how Russell gets to work.

EW: Yes

JF: He parachutes in.

EW: Yes, yes.

JF: You’re making headlines, more headlines recently, I read this that you’re the most dangerous person on the internet.

EW: I’m dangerous.

JF: Hey, come on. No, they’re saying, because people use your face and name to try to trick people into giving their address and emails and social security numbers and stuff.

EW: Well, my brother was like ‘Yeah, you’re about as dangerous as like a fluffy bunny rabbit.’

JF: You don’t come across really as dangerous to me, yeah.

EW: This was a PR stunt of mine, to try and edgy myself up a little.

JF: Yeah, totally, I mean just look in that camera right there and just make a dangerous face. This is it, look at how dangerous. Thats, I mean that’s dangerous. Look at how —

JF: I’m [unintelligible] your new movie.

EW: Thank you.

JF: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

EW: Yes.

JF: It’s set in 1991. Which is — I graduated in 1992. You were born in 1990.

EW: 1990, and my brother’s born in 92.

JF: Oh, is that right?

EW: Yes.

JF: That’s when I graduated high school. So, it’s about high school kids, and a lot of good music in this.

EW: Yes, the soundtrack is awesome, I have to say. It —

JF: Who’s on there?

EW: So you have like a ton of the Smiths, and I got really into the Cocteau Twins.

JF: Yeah, you told me about this song, called something drop.

EW: Pearly Dewdrops Drop.

JF: Pearly Dewdrops Drop, anyone remember hearing this song? Oh really, I’ve never heard this — dude it’s fantastic. Of course Kirk knows it. It is such a good song, but I listened to it on youtube, I was like ‘I love this song.’

EW: Amazing, well it’s Sam favorite song in the movie and in the book, and then it became my favorite song throughout the shoot which was very appropriate, but the coolest thing was that Steve gave me my first vinyl, Steve who’s the director, he gave me Morissey and I’ve been collecting vinyl ever since.

JF: That’s right because you grew up in a generation where’s there’s no such thing.

EW: Yes.

JF: It’s like Santa Claus, I never met him, but I know he exists.

EW: Exactly and like I find —

JF: Isn’t it fun?

EW: It’s so fun. And so much less stressful than an iPod cause you’re not like stressing about shuffling or flicking songs, or like, people seeing that —

JF: You have a bad song. Cause if you have a bad song in the mix, it’s like —

EW: So embarassing.

JF: It’s pretty embarrassing yeah.

EW: You know, you don’t want to know that you have like Justin Bieber on your playlist played like 25 times.

JF: Yeah they do tell you how many times you listened to it. For me it’s Barbara Streisand. They just find that and they go you listen to too much Barbara. Now you shot this in Pittsburgh.

EW: Yes.

JF: Which I love Pittsburgh.

EW: Pittsburgh is awesome.

JF: Did you — Oh really?

EW: Pittsburgh is so awesome.

JF: It’s cool right.

EW: Everyone’s super friendly and —

JF: Did you eat at Primanti Brothers Sandwiches?

EW: I ate at Primanti Brothers.

JF: Yes! [unintelligible] It’s so rad.

EW: It’s so rad.

JF: They put — what do they put on it? French fries?

EW: So you get like a whole sandwich and then as if that’s not enough, you get the fries on top as part of the bite.

JF: In the sandwich and they squash it down and that’s the sandwich. And if you make one change at all, and like ‘can I have a little…’ they throw you out.

EW: Uh huh. No —

JF: They go ‘get out’. Yeah, I go ‘can I have mine with no maio..’ and then I’m in handcuffs.

JF: Did you go see home Warhols?

EW: I did. I did go —

JF: He’s from Pittsburgh.

EW: Yes.

JF: You have a little Edit Sedgwicky type of thing to you.

EW: That’s the biggest compliment I’ve like ever, like, received.

JF: Really?

EW: I love Edie Sedgwick. She’s such — she’s awesome.

JF: Really. Well, I see a little bit of her in you. But, this movies’ based on a popular book.

EW: Yes.

JF: You have a trend with you.

EW: I do this. It’s so bad.

JF: Cause you do the Harry Potter, a few people have read that as well. But this one has a cult following as well.

EW: It does. It has a really — the people who identify with this book are very very very passionate about the book, and I hadn’t heard of it before I took on the roll. I read the script and then I read the book afterwards, but now I fully get it.

JF: Do you want to explain what it’s about to everybody?

EW: Yeah. So, the book is about a boy called Charlie, and Charlie is this kind of amazing boy. He is so non-judgemental, he’s such a sweet guy. And he gets thrown into high school and just gets —

JF: Run over.

EW: Yeah, just gets run over basically. Bambi in the headlights. And then he just– and like– luckily he meets Sam and Patrick who kind of are the friends that help him through his trouble time and through high school and — it’s kind of like —

JF: They discover music together.

EW: Yeah

JF: And they just — it’s a coming of age. It’s almost like The Breakfast Club of our gen– that was when your parents were born, the Breakfast Club [?], but it’s kind of like the Breakfast Club-ish of our generation. I’m so excited to see this movie.

EW: Yay.

JF: This clip is you guys all driving a truck, discovering the song Heroes by David Bowie.

EW: Yes.

JF: The Perks of Being a Wallflower, here’s Emma Watson.

[movie clip]
Charlie: What is she doing?
Patrick: Don’t worry, she does it all the time.
Sam: Turn it up!
Patrick: Got it, your highness.
Patrick: What?
Charlie: I feel infinite.
[end of clip]

JF: How much fun was that? That was fun. I can’t wait for this.

EW: It was seriously seriously fun.

JF: More with Emma Watson when we get back everybody.

[clip of Emma and Ezra Miller rehearsing the dance scene]

JF: We’re hanging out with Emma Watson and we just saw some footage of her at dance rehearsal for her movie The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

EW: Indeed.

JF: You’ve got some good moves there.

EW: Well thanks.

JF: Now is it tough to learn those dances? Could you teach me those dances?

EW: Yeah, for sure.

JF: Could you?

EW: Are you down?

JF: Let’s go, you teach me, I’d love to.. I’ll do it. I don’t care. What do we do. Do we…

EW: Are we — we’re doing this…

JF: You teach me some …

EW: We’re really doing this, ok great, well ok, so the first move is kind of from dancing in the … like singing in the rain, so we do like a little kick out to the side, you can bring in some jazz hands.

JF: Jazz hands.

EW: And we’ll speed it up a little. That’s great.

JF: That’s really good.

EW: Ok, and then this ones great[?], this one’s from Grease. So, I’m going to need you to get down on one knee if that’s cool.

JF: Ok, yeah I [?]. Emma we’ve known each other for 2 seconds.

EW: So, I’m going to slap you this way.

JF: Ooh, yeah.

EW: And I’m going to slap you — [laughs] and then I’m going to slap you the other way. And then you’re going to get up.

JF: Uh huh.

EW: And you’re going to follow me, and we’re going to do the Grease.

JF: Uh huh.

EW: And then I’m going to push you back.

JF: Ok, yeah.

EW: And we’re going to do the Grease.

JF: Oh yeah, oh yeah, I know exactly… [unintelligible John Travolta impression — She’s like ‘I can not believe [?] [?] [?]

EW: Tell me about it stud. Want to do it again.

JF: [?] yeah.

EW: Ok, go on down.

JF: [unintelligible]

EW: And then we have — we — let’s do one more.

JF: Alright, one more, here we go.

EW: This is, phew, are you ready for this.

JF: I don’t know. [?]so far so good.

EW: Ok, so I’m going — we’re going to do the Dirty Dancing lift.

JF: Oh yeah, this is big.

EW: So, you’re going to stay there.

JF: I hope that I —

EW: I’m going to go over here.

JF: I hope I don’t drop you.

EW: Ha ha.

JF: Payback is so fun.

EW: Ok, so I’m going to run.

JF: Ok.

EW: And you’re going to put your arms around me.

JF: Yeah.

EW: And then you’re going to twist.

JF: Yes.

EW: And I’m going to — and it’s going to be beautiful.

JF: Alright, here we go.

EW: Alright.

JF: Come on. It’s a [?]. Emma Watson. The Perks of Being a Wallflower, opens in New York and LA, September 21st. Tony Danza joins us after the break.

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  1. Nicole says:

    Such an amazing interview 🙂 i loved Emma’s dancing,she’s really good!! 🙂

  2. Hemma says:

    Crazy Cool!! 😀 I loved their dancing – great fun!

  3. grace says:

    i love emma, she’s so adorable! (:

  4. anna says:

    “we’ve known each other for like 2 seconds” hahahahahhaha
    best interview ever

  5. Juzzy says:

    I can’t stand Letterman’s awful interview style so this is fantastic to watch. Great fun interview. Would love to see Emma on Graham Norton some time.

  6. sharmin khan says:

    she is my favourite.. i like emma , Love you. and your dance was so beautiful…. which you enjoyed alot.