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About feeling old and young (2011): "I'm this very weird mix. In some senses, I feel as if I'm 100 years old. In others, I still feel incredibly young, very naive, and as if I haven't seen much of the world at all. I've been incredibly protected, but in other ways I've had to be in situations that nobody my age would, to deal with pressure that nobody my age should usually deal with."

Aiza's Inspiration Story

Living life to the fullest,..making most out of life...that's what Emma Watson taught me. To tell you honestly, I've never been this fanatic to anyone before. Yeah I've been appreciating lots of actors, actresses and boybands before but not as intense as this one. Seeing fans screaming infront of their idols just gives me an idea of how pathetic they are. These fans know everything about their idols but do they realize that their idols know nothing about them a bit? That's why I promised to myself that i'll never be one of them ever! And to my disappointment, fate has been playing tricks on me. I have no idea how clueless i was. I never expect that there would come a little pretty kid that could actually make me eat and swallow all that i have puked. Now, it's been four years since i choose emma as my role model. I admire her so much not just because she's an excellent actress but because she showed me how to be brave, to believe in myself and in my dreams and not to waste good opportunities that shall come to me. Well i may sound as if I'm describing Hermione now but I'm telling you, Emma and Hermione is just one same person except that Emma is definitely not a witch but a human being like us. And all of us try to outgone all the daily Death Eaters of the real world. To think, life is even more difficult for her since she's an actress. Life on the spotlight doesn't mean everything at all: not having a proper childhood, becoming a public property, not having enough privacy,fans zooming all over the place...whew! Blimey! Glad she could manage all that! Young yet already working for living...she made me feel ashame of myself because I was so lazy and very much dependent on my parents. But now....I still got no job though but nevertheless I'm studying harder now... If only i live in UK, then I would be proud to be one of the pathetics I have mentioned earlier.... aiza