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About having common points with Hermione (2007): "Everyone's taking the piss at me because I did really well at my exams. It's been a bit of an ongoing joke the past couple of weeks, but I think it's a compliment. I'd like to think that she's a role model, definitely. I think she rocks. I don't think there's anyone on screen who can compete with her really, female action hero wise."

Alarice's Inspiration Story

Emma Watson is my all time FAVORITE actress, but is also my role model. She has inspired me in so many great ways and she really changed my life (even though it sounds kind of cheesy.) You see, I used to be a pretty bad person, like I hung around with the "bad" crowd at school, I smoked, drank, and pretty much let peer pressure control my life. I didnt realize the things I was doing were so bad untill I started getting into Emma Watson and Harry Potter. Emma is such a great person and she has such a fun life without doing drugs or drinking or stealing or any of that horrible stuff I used to do. She gets good grades and is a really committed actress. She made me want to be just like her. So now Ive quit smoking, I get A's and B's in school (instead of F's and D's like before) Im A LOT nicer to people at school, and I hang around with different people. Im also really into acting now and this summer i'm in an acting program that gets to travel to New York to perform on broadway! So basically Emma helped bring me back down to earth and realize that there are better things in life to be doing. She helped me turn everything around!!