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About the DA (2007): "It's kind of about them rebelling against Umbridge and her kind of dictatorship, really. But mainly it's because they're scared, they're really really scared. And they know that if they're not learning spells, if they're not being allowed to use their wands by Umbridge then they're unable to defend themselves. And while the Ministry's in denial that Voldemort has returned, they are not. They believe Harry, and they know that there's something dark and horrible and scary out there. And they want to be able to defend themselves."

Andrea's Inspiration Story

You ask in what way Emma has inspired me. Well even before the first movie came out I wanted to become and actress, Emma just made me see the good things and the bad things of acting. Either way, Emma is very different from other teen actresses. Emma doesn't show of her boobs like Lindsay Lohan or her butt! She is very original and doesn't copy anyone. She stays grounded and doesn't let the fame get to her head! That is the major thing. She let became my role model, She is sweet, she is beautiful and she is not like any other actress.

She gets her fame from acting not using her body to make her more famous or she doesn't do public stunts! She is a great actress and people should look up to her. She studies hard! I was the opposite from her. I got F in almost all of my classes, I was popular because guys thought i would have sex with them, i thought it was ok! Then i stared reading the HP books and say the 1st movie. I loved it, then i searched about Hermione and found out that her real name was Emma, Emma Watson.

Since then i change so much, I get A's and B's, I'm not as popular but its ok, at least i have my dignity! Now i have been in 3 years of drama classes and i have done like 8 plays, they are very fun to do, and my parents are really proud of me.

Well this is my story hope it doesn't sound too cheesy!