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About being a teenager (2004): "I'm just going older and I suppose being a teenager is about discovery, making mistakes, learning from them."

Anika's Inspiration Story

As I saw Emma the first time she made me feel alive. It was like a very strange wake up from then on I feel like a symphatical girl every day. Every time Emma stare from a magazine she makes me feel good. Itīs her clear and nice smile, which makes everybody, who see it, lucky. Her hair is like the warm sun upon the earth and its shining is like Emma character. So Emma is like a female, very shiny sun: Pretty and hot at the same time!

Also Emma really changed my life. From one day to another day I was fascinated of a girl, which Iīve never seen. Isnīt that strange? I think so, really. And now there is the wish to go one day to Oxford, only to see Emma, mightly. It is very unpossibe that Emma will cross my way there, but who thinks that unpossibilities are unpossible?

Iīve never been to a premiere, I only saw her in TV, Cinema or on the PC, I donīt know how her character is in the real life, but her smile is is more than anything. And that is why i love her so much...