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About Hermione (2004): "I think Hermione uses this kind of act she has of being clever and knowing all the answers, it's kind of like a mask to mean that she doesn't really have to deal with anything. As far as she's concerned, there's always a logical answer that she can bring from a book. It's her way of dealing with everything."

Anonymous's Inspiration Story

If it wasn't for emma...I might be more like Hermione. So its 2002, Sorcerers Stone comes out, and I'm excited like any NORMAL 14- year-old would be. I'm excited to see the book being brought to life, not to see two hours worth of Emma Watson like I would be the next year during chamber of Secrets. One part I remember in the movie is when Emma roles her eyes when she's with ron and harry in the library. I could FEEL that the audience was thinking she looked pretty. I didn't like the feeling.

I wasn't a huge HP fan, I actually thought Harry Potter was pretty dorky, of course I secretly enjoyed the books like everyone else. Then people started to say I looked like or kind of reminded them of Hermione. As far as I remember I looked up some pictures on the unnoficial emma watson page just out of curiosity. I tried to see why they thought I looked like her - I felt weird looking at pictures of her, like a stalker or something.

But I kept coming back, sometimes hours at a time, being jealous while looking at pictures of Emma. I distinctly remember when the Chamber of Secrets london premiere pictures came, just being so embarassed of myself for thinking another girl was pretty, and mad that other people thought she was. I thought I COULD have been Hermione. I played her just as well, and even practiced in front of the mirror sometimes. I was also a big fan of neopets at the time. I noticed there wasn't an Emma Watson guild. I made one, pretending to be her so that I would get a lot of members. (it's seems weird now, but actually I think I was more of a normal fan when I was a poser then when I realized how ridiculous it was). I was great at pretending to be her since I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about her, and had a bit of intelligence. I got a lot of members...and decided to be her "cousin" instead so it would seem more believable. Well I made up a story of how I met her,pictures of her when she was younger (me..), etc. It got pretty messy. I even made up a fake email adress :-/ There's even a website about how I was lying.

I stuck with the story for a while..but just got boring. Now I don't talk about it if someone asks if I'm her cousin (I STILL get asked!) I did make a website at one time, but angelfire shut it down (angelfire is a horrible host, I highly do not recommend it). My obsession did, however lead me to know a great deal about html and website making, and I have made some VERY successful fansites on other young actresses the past few years. Emma will always be the one who crossed me over to the other side....normal to celebrity scavenger. So I basically just became a fan hungry for the latest news and pictures of Emma, and still am till this day. I spent tons of time my whole high school career on the internet devoted to her. If I hadn't, maybe instead of knowing the answer to her favorite jelly bean flavor (sherbert lemon) I would have been able to answer important questions in school and gotten better grades. I don't tell ANYONE I know this story, and never have.