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About Harry Potter t-shirts (2005): "I've had some things like Harry Potter T-shirts, and I just can't get away with wearing them. Among my friends at school, I'd get teased. I can't really wear them. I try not to, you can't rub it in people's faces too much."

Bane's Inspiration Story

Emma has inspired me too follow my dream of being in the movies, although not as an actor, I am much more interested in the cinematography aspect of films. After seeing Emma in POA, I really saw her in a different aspect, in comparison with the first two films, she seems a lot older, and more mature, and most importantly, more confident, as if she is finally doing her thing. I am a very quiet reserved person, and never very enthusiastic about anything, but whenever I see a picture of her, and look into her eyes, I really feel her enthusiasm and energy reaching out, telling me to be more outgoing. She also helps me remember my favorite quote "Fortune favors the bold."-Alexander the Great. Being a shy person by nature, that line helps a lot, although its not always easy to put myself into social situations, I try to remember how much more it must take from her to go on talk shows and such and know that the entire world is watching, then looking some little party, I can easily tell myself, its not such a big deal. In her private life, I am really impressed by the way that she isn't a snob, since fame goes to a lot of peoples heads, and doesn't do stupid things with her body. As far as her professional life, I am really amazed at how well she deals with all the fame, and after seeing her in the movies, it has really helped me too get closer to my goal of being a cinematographer, by indirectly getting me to follow it more closely, as a career option, not a hobby. She also got me interested in Harry Potter. Before the movies came out, I had never read the books, even though I had of course heard of them. Then one day I saw the PS at my uncle's house, and then I got really interested, just at the fact of how well she portrayed Hermione. all in all, i owe alot of the past year of my life to Emma.