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About liking school (2007): "I know that sounds strange, but when you are filming you never quite know what you are going to be doing each day. You are pulled from place to place and the schedules change. So I really enjoyed the feeling that I was back at school. I wanted to take responsibility for my education instead of being pushed along by it."

Dazza's Inspiration Story

I guess you have all seen similar things to what I am about to say before on the forums but what Emma has done for me is special, really special, it means so much to me and I feel that this deserves a story of its own.

We are all big fans of Emma Watson, some of us see her as a role model, others see her as just a crush while for others she is simply just their favourite actress. For me Emma means everything and I will explain why…

First off let me just say that I am 21 years old, in fact ill be 22 in a couple of months. The age difference between Emma and myself doesn't bother me one bit, Its just a number to me, I was worried about what other people might think at first, but now I don't care.

Ill start from the beginning, This time about a year ago I knew absolutely nothing about Harry Potter, I had never read the books at all and I hadn't seen the movies, I had heard of Harry Potter and knew that both the books and the films were massive I just never got into it myself.

Then for some reason, my younger brother asked me to take him to see Prisoner of Azkaban, I was reluctant to go at first because I thought that Harry Potter was just for kids, how wrong I was because I really enjoyed the film.

There was one character in the film that really caught my eye, yes, you guessed right, that character was Hermione Granger, it wasn't the looks, it was the performance, the film might be called Harry Potter but she was the star of this particular one, Emma was outstanding in the role.

At the time I had never even heard of Emma Watson but I just had to find out more about her, no actor or actress has ever made me find out more about them before, especially after just one performance.

When I came online to find out more about Emma I couldn't help but like her, as soon as I started looking through gallery's I fell for her looks, she is a very pretty girl, I noticed her eyes straight away, she has natural beauty for someone so young and the most gorgeous smile.

A lot of amazing things have happened since I fell for Emma, one of the main things was that i started losing weight, I used to be thin when I was at school, I have tried different diets, I have even joined a gym but non of them have worked. But i lost a bit of weight during the following months, Emma had made me do something which I had previously failed to do.

I also re-discovered my love of art, you have all seen my drawings, well those were my first drawings for a while, I have always been able to draw, I studied both art and graphic design at school, but I lost interest. I have it back now and I have even considered returning to college to study art, this is again because of Emma, it wouldn't have happened without her.

Another thing Emma has helped me with is confidence, I think this is because of the way I came out to the people I know about my feelings for Emma, they said it took a lot of guts for a 20 year old (as i was at the time) to do that and they respect me for it. People also seem to be coming to me a lot more now if they need to talk.

Emma also always makes me feel very happy, whenever I see pictures of her she is always smiling, during interviews she seems so full of life, so happy and as though she really really enjoy's her life.

Emma has inspired me to do all these things, they really wouldnt have happened without her, I am not sure how, or why, but Emma has inspired me like no one else has done before, I love her for that and will be ever grateful to her.

NO ONE has inspired me no where near as much as Emma has, she has made me do things no one else has before, she has made me feel a lot more confident, she has made me feel so happy, I idolise no one as much as I do Emma.

Overall I have never felt so happy about life as I have done during the past 12 months, even though i havent got a job anymore, overall i feel a lot happier, I really didn't think it was possible to feel as happy as I have done at times and this is all because of Emma, and that's why I love her so much.