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About the end of HP (2011): "Change is always scary, but I feel very excited, and I feel like I'm entering a new chapter and getting a fresh start. I'm looking forward to just being a normal young woman again. It has been quite hard and pressured making the Harry Potter films. I'm so happy to be out having fun with my friends. It will be nice to take a break and step back a bit. It'll be the first time I'll be able to look back and properly enjoy the success we've all had. It's been incredible."

Emily's Inspiration Story

Emma has made me want to be like her. She's my role model. I even use 'british' words in conversations, and my friends just role their eyes at me; It's quite funny actually. I was on your website, and I was listening to the audio quotes, and it said Emma liked crunchie bars. So after I heard that, I went to the Hallowe'en candy jar I have, and found a crunchie bar, and I fell in love with them. And just because of the movie, I've been braiding my hair after I take a shower, let my hair dry, and take the braids out JUST to get the look of Hermione. She hasn't made me want to be an actress, but that's because I'm scared of big crowds, public speaking, and people who I don't know. But if I wasn't scared of big crowds, public speaking, and people who I don't know, then I'd definatly be trying to be an actress. I guess right now, I just dream of being an actress. But even since Emma's been my role model, I've been speaking up a bit more. I know Emma has her own style, and I sometimes try to copy an outfit that she wears (like the jeans and pink jaket in POA), but she kind of made me create my own style, and some people from my school are picking up on my style. She kind of totally turned my life around... I've been speaking up for myself, creating my own style, and I'm more outgoing now. Basically, I've learned to be myself from Emma, although we've never met.