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About how she heard about People Tree (2010): "I've been interested in Fair Trade for about three or four years now and one day I met a friend who was wearing a nice t-shirt and I asked him where it was from and he told me People Tree. I had never heard of People Tree before and he started telling me about the brand and he was also a friend of Safia's and so he introduced me. I was just really interested in it. I thought it was a really cool idea and when I met Safia we really clicked. And a couple of weeks later she asked me whether I would be interested in putting together a range for the people my age as a lot of the People Tree clothes were for 20 years and up. And I thought this was a really great idea as I don't think there is a huge amount out that which is Fair Trade or organic. I thought it was a pretty cool idea and I got to work straight away and we put together this range."

Emily's Inspiration Story

Hey Jo! I'm just responding to your post today. When you asked if Emma has changed anyones life in any way. Well, she's changed my life in many ways. It's kind of hard for me to explain. But she's taught me to be a kid as long as you can because when you grow up, you can't go back and do it over, so live while you can. Emma dremt about her career as an actress since she was little, and she kept thinking about it and now she's a huge star. And with that, she also taught me (withought even knowing) to follow your dreams, and never give up. Ever dince i saw the Harry Potter movies, i wanted to be JUST like her, but now i know, that she's always just herself and no one else. So she's inspired me to keep dreaming and be myself. I hope this is good enough for you to put on your site, but all of this is the truth.