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About Hermione pushing Ron against a wall (2007): "He makes the big mistake of patronizing her. He says "I'll go easy on you" just as they are about to duel and she goes "Right, that's it. You're dead" and absolutely catapults him against a back wall. It was a real "girl power" moment, of which there are many in this film."

Emily's Inspiration Story

Hey Jo! I'm just responding to your post today. When you asked if Emma has changed anyones life in any way. Well, she's changed my life in many ways. It's kind of hard for me to explain. But she's taught me to be a kid as long as you can because when you grow up, you can't go back and do it over, so live while you can. Emma dremt about her career as an actress since she was little, and she kept thinking about it and now she's a huge star. And with that, she also taught me (withought even knowing) to follow your dreams, and never give up. Ever dince i saw the Harry Potter movies, i wanted to be JUST like her, but now i know, that she's always just herself and no one else. So she's inspired me to keep dreaming and be myself. I hope this is good enough for you to put on your site, but all of this is the truth.