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About the ending of HP (2007): "I won't know what to do with myself when it ends. It will be the weirdest thing ever!"

Emma's Inspiration Story

Many people have had an impact on my life, but Emma Watson turned my life upsdie down. She's my inspiration and idol. I'll start at the beginning: I was a shy girl, and I didn't like to be in front of an audience or a bunch of people. But then I saw Harry Potter and the Socerer's (Philosopher's) Stone. I loved it and I wanted to see it again right after the first time I saw it. Emma was one of the best young actresses I had seen. So, naturally, I started to read the books. (I can remember lines from every book!! :)) I saw how comfortable Emma was on screen and I thought "Wow, I want to do that someday!" So, I got into acting. I have filmed commertials and have been in tons and tons of plays. I love being on stage or in front of a huge audience-just the opposite of how I was BEFORE I saw Emma. She is my heroine. I'm so glad there are people like her out there because I don't think I would have had a very good life if I didn't start being around people a lot. Thanks to her, I am currently working on the play "Annie" at a theatre and I am playing the role of Annie. I just want to say THANK YOU EMMA! You have changed my life and I plan to make it up to a big movie one day......soon! I love you, Emma. Keep up the good work. Your #1 Fan, Emma Tuttle