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About the HP set (2007): "You will be in the canteen and there will be all these witches and wizards and ghosts and ghouls queuing up. I get a reality check whenever my family or friends come and a centaur goes galloping by. They will be sitting there staring but I just don't see it because I have never known anything different."

Jeana's Inspiration Story

Emma has inspired me in a way I can't believe, I use to have trouble with my weight and I tried so many ways to loose it, then I see how great Emma looks, and I think to myself I would love to have a figure like her. So I printed a picture out of her and posted on my door, and everytime I saw that picutre it inspired me to keep going at loosing weight. I now weigh 102lbs. And I owe it all to Emma, I have learned to eat healthier and I soon heard that Emma kept her figure by sports, I am now involved in soccer at my school, and I know have the confidence to where skirts. Thanks Emma, you have inspired me, more than I could ask.