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About her stuffed peppers recipe (2008): "Well, you cut them in half and you fill them with cherry tomatoes, shallots, garlic, onions, pesto and then you dribble honey on top and put them in the oven and they're REALLY good."

Jeana's Inspiration Story

Emma has inspired me in a way I can't believe, I use to have trouble with my weight and I tried so many ways to loose it, then I see how great Emma looks, and I think to myself I would love to have a figure like her. So I printed a picture out of her and posted on my door, and everytime I saw that picutre it inspired me to keep going at loosing weight. I now weigh 102lbs. And I owe it all to Emma, I have learned to eat healthier and I soon heard that Emma kept her figure by sports, I am now involved in soccer at my school, and I know have the confidence to where skirts. Thanks Emma, you have inspired me, more than I could ask.