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About the photoshoot for the Burberry spring/summer 2010 campaign (2009): "Today is very special for me in many different ways. It's so nice to see Mario (Testino) and Christopher (Bailey) again. They get to shoot my brother in the campaign, he's having such a great time!"

Megan's Inspiration Story

When I saw the first Harry Potter movie I didnt think much of Emma because I was really young, but when I saw the movie and we were the same age I thought "wow I wish I could do that". I used to get really nervous about doing things in front of a crowd, such as speeches and plays. but now when I walk up in front of a big crowd to give a speech I say in my head "be like Emma" and I ace it! Now I am comfortable with being infront of a crowd..I love to give speeches, perform plays and dances and more... Emma changed the way I was. She also has made me have an ambition to become an actress.. I am still only dreaming but one day I know I will be up there just like her and show the world that Emma is a great role model!