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About texting and Dan & Rupert (2007): "I am a mad texter - I can do it with my eyes closed - because I am away so much; it's the way I keep in touch with friends. My one big extravagance is my phone bill. I am always texting Dan and Rupert when we are not working. And we are always swapping girl and boy advice when we're together. It's quite funny - I am like, "Oh, I have got this text from a boy, what on earth do I say? What does this translate to in boy language? I don't understand," and they will be like, "Well, this means this." I have got my own personal on-set boy text translators'".

Megan's Inspiration Story

When I saw the first Harry Potter movie I didnt think much of Emma because I was really young, but when I saw the movie and we were the same age I thought "wow I wish I could do that". I used to get really nervous about doing things in front of a crowd, such as speeches and plays. but now when I walk up in front of a big crowd to give a speech I say in my head "be like Emma" and I ace it! Now I am comfortable with being infront of a crowd..I love to give speeches, perform plays and dances and more... Emma changed the way I was. She also has made me have an ambition to become an actress.. I am still only dreaming but one day I know I will be up there just like her and show the world that Emma is a great role model!