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About OotP (2006): "It's definitely an epic, it's much more of a complicated storyline, it's just darker."

Ron's Inspiration Story

I thought you all should know how Emma Watson and the Harry Potter series has been a great inspiration to me in the past few years. Four years ago I wanted to be someone. I am stuck in a small town and don't really have any great talents. Thats when Herry Potter came out and I saw what a young person like myself could do.

I decided to write a book. I had no clue what I was doing, but I still wrote. after getting fifty or so pages in I got tired of it. I quit writing for a good few months until I realized I was going down a road to nowhere. I got on the net and looked up Emma. All her sucess brought up my spirits and I got back to the book. I wrote for about a year and a half before stopping again. There was no inspiration left.

As a last try to become someone I got into a creative writing class at my high school. To this day it was the best move I could ever have made. It was a place where I leared alot and enjoyed learning it. I learned how to write fiction and poetry. My book got a fresh start. In that class I wrote a short story that excelled past the other student's storys. My teacher was thrilled with it just as much as I was. it is to be printed into the school lit mag.

This tiny achievement has brought me to a new level. All though it's only being printed in a high school magazine it has let me realize that I have potential to be someone. I wrote in my book more than ever and finally completed it. I am seventeen and I have writen a 218 page novel. Now all there is to be done is editing and I will try my hardest to get it published. Once again I want to give you all, especially Emma Watson, my thanks for helping me to get to where I am today.