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About feeling safe on set for the first movie (2007): "I was extremely naive and in a way it was good to be really nervous. I came to realise that Maggie Smith was a pretty good actress, she was just really nice to me. I wouldn't have been able to come to the set if I didn't feel completely safe."

Emma's 17th Birthday

Emma's 17th Birthday

World Picture Book

Emma has said she loves to travel, and fans are always asking if Emma will come to their country sometime. It would take a long time to visit all the countries her fans come from, so we thougth we'd provide a little world tour. We asked the fans to send in pictures of where they live or of places they enjoyed visiting and created the World Picture Book. Maybe Emma will be inspired to visit some of these places.

Book of 17s

The second part of this birthday project was a book about, well, 17s. 17 movies to watch, 17 outfits to wear, 17 roles to play, 17 things to do in the next year, etc., and from the fans, 17 drawings and 17 poems. Some of this was for fun, some serious.