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About her money (2006): "All my money is pretty much locked away."

Jo's Story

Meeting Alan Rickman

Before the Release of Chamber of Secrets in the cinema..My friend and I discovered that Alan Rickman (Snape) was doing Theatre in London. We thought it would be awesome to meet him as we have always loved his work, even lomg before he started doing the Potter movies.

We asked the staff at the theatre what time he would be arriving & were told 6:00pm..We had several hours to go as it was on;y about 1:00pm so we decided to go shopping, laughing and joking about how funny it would be if Alan Rickman turned up to the Theatre in his Snape costume..swishing aound the corner and giving us evil glares lol.

Several hours past and we decided to go and wait outside the Theatre early (5:00pm) just incase we missed him. As it happens Alan Rickman was running a bit late..we were beginning to think that he was going to show up..or that he had sneaked into the building through another entrance. Meanwhile we met Simon Callow who was doing theatre in the Theatre just opposite (he has starred in films 4 weddings & a funeral and Thunderpants amongst others) He was nice and signed the back of one of our many Harry Potter posters which we had swiped from a nearby cinema.

Eventually Alan Arrived, you could tell he was late as he was rushing..Still we said hello to him and asked for his autograph..he smiled at us and asked us our names "Jo" i said and he proceeded to sign my Harry Potter poster. He sounded exactly like Snape in real life and I was trying not to chuckle. My friend blurted out "your so Damn Cool!!" Alan Rickman smiled again and said "Thankyou" we then asked if he would pose for a photo for us..which he did.

All in all a fun day...Thanks Mr Rickman

Exactly a week Later and we found out that Zoe Wanamaker (Madam Hooch) would also be in we tootled along to see her too clutching the Poster which Alan Rickman had signed the previous week. Meeting Zoe Wanamaker was a bit more straight forward as it was already almost time for her to arrive at the theatre when we got there. Sure enough we didn't have to wait long..she came out looking quite pleased with herself (lol) I asked if I could take a photo of her but she said "No...I have no makeup on" I respected that and put my camera away. I asked her if sje would please sign my Harry Potter poster..which she did..but I heard her mumbling something about her picture should have also been on the poster. Anyway that was that...I got her autograph at least ;)