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About texting and Dan & Rupert (2007): "I am a mad texter - I can do it with my eyes closed - because I am away so much; it's the way I keep in touch with friends. My one big extravagance is my phone bill. I am always texting Dan and Rupert when we are not working. And we are always swapping girl and boy advice when we're together. It's quite funny - I am like, "Oh, I have got this text from a boy, what on earth do I say? What does this translate to in boy language? I don't understand," and they will be like, "Well, this means this." I have got my own personal on-set boy text translators'".

Jo's Story

London COS Premiere
November 3rd 2002

Not living to far From London, myself and 2 friends of mine decided to venture down to the Chamber of Secrets Premiere held in Leicster Square London. We got there at about 9:00am and found that there were already many fans there and the security guys were still fencing off the "Walkway" area.

Walking down the street Several hours before the Premiere was Chris Rankin (Percy Weasley) who was there with his girlfriend and his mum. I had my picture taken with him & got an Autograph, he seemed like a nice guy and his mum was cool too.

Several Hours Later the premiere had begun..I was lucky enought o get passes for the special Seating Area where some fans were chosen to go. I was in the "Gryffindor section" in the 2nd row. Arriving first was TOM FELTON he was wearing a black suit with white trainers (reminding me a bit of a mini gangster lol) he came over and signed an autograph for me and several others withing my area, he seemed like a nice guy ..not too chatty but quite friendly.

Following Tom was SEAN BIGGERSTAFF (who I also got the autograph of) he was cool, but didn't stay out for too long, The PHELPS TWINS came over and started pulling some stupid faces..signing Autographs etc. MATTHEW LEWIS who plays Neville looks very cute in real life hehe he's a little gem and looked a bit shocked to see so many fans ..bless! ROBBIE COLTRANE was the only Adult Cast member to come over & mingle with the Fans..he was nice, I just wanted to give him a big hug!

Finally.....On the horizon we could see EMMA .. RUPERT ..and DANIEL Slowly working their way down the interviewers and occasionally turning around to wave at their Adoring fans.

Finishing first with her Interviews was EMMA WATSON chants of "EMMA! EMMA! EMMA!" were echoing all around Leicster square she let out a huge smile and made her way over to the fans. She started up the opposite end to where I was and I could see her chatting away to Everyone & signing autographs. It seemed like an Age went by until finally..she was standing Right in front of me!! I couldn't believe how close I was! she looked very Pretty in her light lilac dress long glossy hair (lol see one of my'll know what I mean) Emma was talking to the girls in front of me and slightly to the left..but I couldn't hear what she was saying as Everyone was screaming her name! She looked up..I managed to get in there "Please can you sign this for me Emma?" I asked as I handed her a picture of Herself, she smiled and Replied "of course I will" the picture was of her from the previous years Philosophers stone Premiere, she smiled at me and said "wow! this was picture was this time last year" she handed me back the now Signed picture.."Thankyou very much" I said she smiled again and said "My Pleasure" I asked her how all of this Premiere Experience was making her feel...she Laughed and said that it's scary how many people had shown up..but she was enjoying every minute of it. Emma then proceeded to sign my friends autograph using her Black Marker pen..she signed a few more people's and then turned back to my Friend looking horrified...Emma said: "Oh my god I'm so sorry..I've just been using your pen to sign all of these, your going to run out of ink..i'm sorry" my friend just laughed and said "don't worry about's fine" Emma gave her a huge smile and said "Thankyou so much"

What I asume was a Warner Brothers publisist then cam over to Emma and said "Come on've got to get your photo's done and go inside" Emma replied "oh please can I just stay out a little longer? I haven't signed for all of these people yet" mma stayed several minutes longer chatting away to the fans..according to my friend Jenny (who was the other end of the seating Area to me) Emma had bent down to sign her autograph and her hair had practically gone in Jenny's face! lol Jenny said that Emma has Very nice smelling hair (For all those crazy people who like the little random facts about Emma lol)..Anyways..Eventually Emma was practically dragged away from the fans and told to pose for the photographers...she did so and was then taken inside the cinema complex.

By this time RUPERT GRINT had also finished his media interviews and was also making his way over to the fans at their chants of "RUPERT! RUPERT! RUPERT!" He went over to the fans at the other end of the seating area and was practically crushed to death by an over enthusiastic fan who hugged him! He wasn't looking as happy as he usually does, but he was signing away for the fans. Just as Rupert got in front of where I was standing..I got One phot of him and then..Snatch! the Lady Presenter of the Premiere started interviewing him...I didn't get a chance to get his autograph because sfter the interview he went inside.

DANIEL RADCLIFFE was obviously in great demand by the media (well he is Harry Potter afterall lol) and was still busy with them..but he kept turning around waving to everyone..looking very happy! not too much was happening at that time until..........

out from the cinema complex appeared Emma...again! lol she walked down the other end of the walkway to the section of the crowd that had been completely ignored by everyone else and started signing autographs for them! it was quite amusing to watch! Eventually she was again asked to go inside which she did with a cheeky grin on her face.

Daniel by this time had finally Finished with the Media..he came over to his Screaming fans...managed to sign about 5 autographs and was then dragged away by the presenter lady once again to do his main interview. By the time all this had finished the Premiere was due to Begin and Daniel was wisked inside to join the others.

I had an absolutely FANTASTIC time! I want to thank Everyone involved for making that day so special..I even got to see the Queen herself - J.K ROWLING - in the flesh! yay!

The Reason I am such a huge fan of Emma in particular all stems from this day! she was so sweet and her Politeness & Friendliness were very Endearing!