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About her appearance (2011): "I went through a phase where I didn't like my eyebrows.‭ And I thought my ears stuck out and I had bad teeth.‭ But I realized I might as well just stop constantly being at war about it and just try and let go and be positive about what is good and what I do like."

Jo's Story

POA London Premiere

Myself and my 2 friends Kelly & Claire Arrived at London Leicester square at 08:50am, we immediatley got into the Queue (which was already quite large) waiting for the Security to open the next segment of the Barriers. Luckily when they did we managed to get a good spot at the fron of the barriers right in front of the HUGE image of Ron Weasley which was aloft the cinema complex. The Builders were trying to construct a huge Dementer hand which would eventually Be harnessed up to the very top of the complex by the use of a crane...very cool.

The 7 hours in which we had to wait before the cast were set to arrive went by quite quickly, we amused ourselves by doing impressions of people and laughing at all the freaks that seemed to be walking by.

Eventually..4:30 arrived and Chris Rankin (Percy) was the first to show up, sporting schnazzy longish hair (which seems to be a trend with the Weasley boys at the moment) Jamie Waylett (Crabbe) and Devon Murray (Seamus) Followed shortley..(Glad to see Devon not wearing his "Bling"! lol) this time the cast started arriving thick & Fast.. Fiona Shaw (Aunt Petunia) and James & Oliver Phelps (Weasley Twins) the twins came over to sign things..which was cool. Bonnie Wright (Ginny) seemed to give everybody the slip! Nobody even noticed her until she was being interviewed by the presenter !! Sneaky!!

J.K Rowling!.. Gah! I did see the Queen herself! but unfortunetely for us she only spoke to the disabled kids.

The big names then started to Arrive and I started t get soo squished!! In fact by this time I only had the use of one hand! Even my Head Was pinned to someones shoulder!... Tom Felton (Draco) signed for a While for our section of the fans before disappearing somewhere! Rupert Grint (Ron) was up next..aahh I luv Rupert..he's so damn cool! Only he could wear Ripped Jeans to a Premiere and get away with it! I was unable to get his autograph as my hand which wasn't holding my camera was Parellised in the huge crush!..From now on I had to except that any pictures I did get would be a mixture of pot luck and skill.

A few Minutes Later and Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) Came over shortly Followed by Alan Rickman (Snape), Robbie was really cool saying we were crazy for getting their so early and then decided to write all over someones picture of Daniel Radcliffe with the words "I am Ugly" lol he was only joking of course and told us that Dan is turning into a "bit of a hunk" (lol). Alan Rickman.......there is no other word I can say than COOL he's a smoothie with his Knowing smile, people were telling him he was cool and he would just give them a knowing Smile!

David Thewlis (Lupin) Tootled on over with a mouthful of drink in his mouth! What a charmer! lol

Next up ... Emma Watson (Hermione)! she was slowly making her way through the fans and eventually to us, she looked completely shell shocked at the amount of people who were there! My friend managed to get the picture I had of her (which i was wanting her to sign) out of my bag and shoved it under Emma' nose! Emma smiled and signed my pic..all this whilst I was Snapping away on my camera but being completely shoved and squashed by an over enthusiastic fanboy who barged his way to the front! GGRRR!! My friend said "Emma I really Like your dress!" Emma let out a big smile and said "Thanks" before being carted away to do more interviews by her Chaperone. Matthew Lewis (Neville) then seemed to come out of nowhere! all of a sudden he was standing in front of me ..he was very shortly ushered away though and told to go give a few interviews.

Eventually Daniel Radcliffe (Harry) came over! well sort of! he didn't come over to my section but he spent a little while signing for the fans just down the row from me..I looked to the other end of the HUGE Walkway and spotted Rupert and Emma signing autographs for all of them. Daniel apologised as he got dragged away.

after Emma, Rupert and then Daniel had all had their photo's taken and sent inside..Emma Came back out! she decided that she had not signed enough autographs and Proceeded to go back down the far end of the walkway and stay and sign for a frther 5 minutes....cute.