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About living a normal life (2007): "You either choose to have your first cigarette and your first glass of wine in a safe environment with your close friends or you can choose to do it in a nightclub in the middle of London. You can actually live a low-key, normal life where the press don't get a chance to know about it."

Jo's Story

GOF UK Premiere

I arrived for the premiere at around 06:30am there were already a good few hundred people there. I had arranged to meet up with several members of our forum, but I could not see them yet so I just hung around. A security man came out and told us all to stand in a line by the entrance and to move back – I was actually in the front row there at that point but there were still no sign of my friends. Around 10 minutes later 2 of the guys (Darren & Dave) I was meeting came and found me, they unravelled the HUGE Emma banner that Darren had especially made for the premiere .. a huge blue, waterproof banner with Emma’s face and sneakily our website address on the bottom lol…the crowd cheered the banner of Emma which I think secretly gave the boys a huge buzz hehe. Darren and Dave told me that all of our forum members were met up around the back gate of the premiere at the entrance to the park, I of course wanted to meet with them as agreed, but I now had this wonderful position right at the front of the barrier in front of the cinema, It was only when a security guard told me that the cast were much more likely to sign in the park that I decided to head off with the boys and queue up to get into the park Area and meet up with all of the other forum members. As the long hours slowly dragged out and the day became colder we were eventually allowed into the park, there was a lot of pushing and shoving but myself and Forum member Camille managed to get to the front of one of the barriers with all of our friends immediately behind us, the huge Emma banner was tied up over the bars in front of us to hopefully attract her attention when she arrived.

Several hours later and the weather got colder and the rain absolutely poured on us, people already started pushing us even though it was still several hours until the premiere started.

When 5:00pm finally got here..the excitement (& pushing) really built up! We could hear chants of Emma! Emma! Emma! Coming from somewhere so we knew that she had arrived but couldn’t see her yet. It was Jamie Waylett (Crabbe) who we saw first, he had just given his interviews and came over to us all to sign autographs. Jamie was a very nice guy – very sweet. I then saw Bonnie Wright (Ginny) finishing her interviews but I had no idea where she went because I didn’t see her after that! The next person to come over to us was Stanislav Ivaneski (Krum) now I have to say that Krum really is yum! Stan is a very good looking guy and I got a few nice photos of him. He signed quite a few autographs over where we were and then his minder had said he now has to go.. my Friend Camille pleaded with him to sign her poster (as she pulled out that poster of the trio and the champions) Stan said in a joking way “Oh this is my favourite picture of me so I will just do this last one” lol. Shirley Henderson (moaning myrtle) was next..she signed with us for a while and was very cool indeed! We got glimpses of Matthew Lewis (Neville) and the Phelpes twins, but they didn’t come over to sign (not near us anyway). Next up was Clemence Posey (Fleur) she looked beautiful in her dress and had a very quick conversation in French with Camille about the Premiere in France on Tuesday! Very random but very cool! As Clemence was leaving none other than Emma Watson (Hermione) was standing opposite us finishing her interviews [Enter hardcore pushing and me half slumped over the barrier with a few others]. She looked absolutely beautiful in a white vintage 1920’s dress and cute little white headband. Emma came over to fans on our right hand side, I could not see her yet (as I am very small lol), her minder dragged her away from those fans and took her over to the fans standing way on our left! I couldn’t really get good photos from there as I was being crushed too much. Emma started walking towards us at last! I took a decent(ish) photo of her, she managed to sign about 2 autograpahs before she was dragged away again but this time for good! DOH!

I then caught glimpses of Rupert Grint (Ron) doing interviews and he went over to the fans way up on our left, he didn’t get to come anywhere near us as (per usual) was dragged away. Tom Felton (Draco) was walking up and down but didn’t come over to the crowd, I think he signed a couple of autographs near the end for a few fans right down the end, but then he left. Devon Murray (Seamus) then came over to us and tripped over the little curb that was in front of the barrier, he started laughing and said “ I did not see THAT there”. Devon was very friendly and lot of the girls were telling him how he looked really “cute” to which he smiled and said “thank you very much” I had caught a bit of his interview with the host earlier and he had commented on “how absolutely beautiful” Emma had looked in her yule ball outfit as Hermione.

Robert Pattinson (Cedric) was there one minute and gone the next, I have no idea where he went! Lol. After meeting him 2 weeks ago, it was a joy to see Warwick Davis (flitwick) turning up with his wife and very very very very small and oh so CUTE children! Aaawwwww they are the cutest little girls ever! Hehe, Warwick signed for many fans before re-joining his family. Katie Leung (Cho) was up next..she looked beautiful in her dress and was very humble and polite to us fans as she signed looking quite taken-aback at the amount of people she was seeing tonight. We then saw Robbie Coltrane (Hagrid) in the distance but I don’t think he was signing autographs, he was happily just going along and doing all of the interviews required of him. One of the girls who played a Patil twin then came over to us and looked equally as shocked as Katie did with the amount of fans, she told us “I don’t know what I’m going to do! I’m supposed to have college tomorrow! Lol. Last but definitely not least was Dan Radcliffe (Harry) luckily for us it was actually around our area he was able to sign before he got whisked away! I got a couple of decent photos of him and he looked very Dapper in his long green jacket.

As we saw him exit over the bridge we knew that was the end (for us anyway). I later found out that Emma had been with the fans outside of the main cinema door for ages signing autographs (yep! The exact place I was at before I move to the park! Again..DOH!) Myself and our group of friends decided to head off to burger king (no food for 12 hours) where I met up with Matthew from Veritaserum, it was lovely to meet the face behind the name especially as I have been in quite a lot of E-mail contact with him lately.

Most of our forum friends then went home, but myself and Camille decided to go to the Natural history museum where the aftershow party was. We were behind the huge gates and could see all of the cars pullin up inside the grounds of the museum and the cast getting out, they were not allowed to come over to us but most of them waved at us. Emma was one of the last to turn up (probably because as you will have noticed she had changed her outfit completely from the premiere and was now wearing a very lovely Black dress (the same one as she wore at the Oxford Street Christmas lights event last year), she also had her hair down and looked stunning. Everyone shouted her name, she turned and smiled and mouthed the words “I’m really sorry” as she walked up the stairs.

After all the cast had gone in, we decided now to go home.. it was a very long and very cold & wet day but as previous years the memories will stay :o)

I met a lot of great people yesterday, A very cool blonde girl (sorry I forgot your name aahhh) who is from Australia, also some Emma fans and their mum all the way from Texas via France! Hello guys! Hope everyone who was there in attendance had an awesome time!