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About meeting Halle Berry (2002): "I met Halle Berry, and I completely couldn't believe it. She came up to me and went 'Oh my God, you're Emma Watson!' and I was going 'Oh my God, you're Halle Berry!'"

Bonny's Story

On the 5th August, myself and my cousin decided to check out the filming for the new Harry Potter film, Goblet of fire. We had found out about this via the website which I have known to be a reliable source in the past.

Once at Ashridge park it was not hard to find where they were filming as regular signs said “WBLOC” which stands for “Warner Brothers location” It was still very well hidden from the main road so we had to walk a while .We arrived on the first location set at around 12:30pm. At this point we counted ten people including ourselves. We were told we were not allowed to watch them filming that scene as they were doing a 360 degrees shot. From above where they were filming we could see thick clouds which were generated by a smoke machine which they were using. About 1:30pm they had finished and were packing up for lunch. At this, the main cast (Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Mr Weasley, and the Weasly Twins) were walking up the path. We were told that we would be able to receive autographs at this point but they all got rushed away in their cars. However when Emma's car started to drive past she waved frantically at us. At that point it was the highlight of our day.

We were told by another member of staff that they would be filming after lunch just across the field from where we was. Before we left to move onto location two we went onto the set where they were packing away and managed to take some photographs.

After this we headed for location two, about 2:30 people started arriving with camera's, lights and equipment for the afternoon session. Just before 3pm the main cast started to arrive. Again when Emma got out of her car she went frantic at her fans and rushed over to us to do signings, she was then called by a member of security that she had to go, but she refused to move and carried on, until she was forced to go. From this we could all tell that Emma would go far as she is so fan dedicated.

The first few takes were done with the stunt doubles who we were told are used for all back shoots of the films. The main crew sat and watched as well as doing what seemed to appear mini interviews with someone with a camera who we found out was doing a documentary on behind the scenes of the new movie.

A little while later they did their first take with the main stars. We were allowed to watch but was not allowed to take photos. In this scene, Mr Weasley is walking what looks further into the woods, Fred and George are keeping up with him, then Hermione and Ginny run to catch up, and Harry and Ron are still lingering behind. Mr Weasley turns around and shouts to Harry and Ron “Come on boys, Keep up!!” Then you see Harry and Ron running, and they walk into a foggy wood.

To our annoyance Mr Radcliffe who was present asked the crew to move objects in front of us to block Daniel from our view. From what the crew told us, Mr Radcliffe often did this, to their annoyance as well as ours.

On the third take with the main stars, half way though some lightning hit near by, which a few seconds later a very loud sound of thunder came and with this they had to abandoned the shot and walk onto the field away from the woods. Daniel was rushed into his car by his dad, while the rest of the cast signed away photos and had lengthy chats with fans. To my pleasure, my cousins and the people we were with that day, Mr Radcliffe saw us pointing to his car, and opened his window and silently waved us forward. He allowed just us to have Daniel's autograph. Shortly after that the cast left as it was clear that the storm was not going to pass in time that day.