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About being one of the most recognizable faces in the world (2011): "I was in a shantytown in Bangladesh and a boy stopped me in the street and said, "You're in Harry Potter." There's nowhere in the world that I can go, it feels, that isn't somehow touched by this. It reaches the furthest corners of the earth and in the least expected places. I was like, "Wow. It's really popular."

Breaunna's Story

They aren't the greatest, my camera freaks out in cold weather. :( The first two were from outside of the Today Show, and the rest are outside of Regis & Kelly.

I wanted to write a fanstory exclusively for you guys, but Im finding that I don't have the time! Here's what I wrote in my journal about it...if it's not good enough to put up, don't worry about it! But just thought I'd share anyway...

So, we were late getting to the Today Show, and we sort of got lost and it was raining and cold. :( When we got there, there were like 3 or 4 paparazzi members there. A few of which I had seen before in various places. I was really hoping Emma would come over to where I was standing, but she didnt. :( After two minutes of waiting, Emma came out (hah, compared to the two HOURS I spent waiting for Rupert and having him NEVER come out). She signed autographs for a few old paparazzi guys, which in my opinion she didn't look very happy about. She never smiled. She looked a bit stressed or rushed. I can't blame the girl, though. I think I was the only fan there, too. She didn't look at me until she was walking away, which is when I managed to snap a pic. A picture that came out horrible.

I know I've said this before but she's SO TINYYYYYYYY! I realized it now more than I did at the premiere. And she's not like....anorexic small, NOT AT ALL, she's just...naturally tiny. God, is she beautiful.

Anyway, I was sort of bummed, and my mum sort of felt bad, so agreed to take a cab down to Regis and Kelly. When we got there, there were like...four paparazzi, a group of teenage girls and one little girl with her dad. They were all standing by a garage around the corner. I didn't really understand it, but I figured they knew what they were doing and stood with them. I didn't like the scene though...the paparazzi people were really really creepy. A lot of them had like missing teeth and looked as if they hadn't showered in a week. They came in this gross Van that had graffiti writing all over it and it was just...ewww, gross. Then a bunch of teenage boys showed up as well. I felt bad for Emma, and I decided then that I wasn't going to be more of a burden on her. I wasn't going to shove a magazine in her face, or beg for a hug. Besides, I already had my Emma experince at the premiere. So I just sort of stood back and waited.

Emma's limo came, with the same license plate that all the limos at the premiere had. The garage opened, and the limo started to pull in. No one even budged with the limo got close to hitting them. I started feeling EXTREMELY bad for Emma, and really wierd about the whole scene. The limo pulled in, and everyone was yelling at her and getting on the ground to see as the garage door closed. My mum and I were quite disgusted, and just decided to go get something to eat. We went down to this cute little restraunt around the corner that ironiclly was playing Regis & Kelly. We ate and watched, then decided to go back over to the exit of ABC studios, just to see. I really didn't think she was gonna come out and sign anything after the disguting people out there.

When we walked over there, the paparazzi people were talking to the teenage girls, saying that they had heard Emma was really rude. I wasn't happy with this...I was ready to punch them in the face. She had been so sweet at the premiere, and as you all know she always signs more autographs than anyone.

Anyway, the garage opened, a police man stepped out and told us that Emma was going to come out and sign, but that they needed to get an autograph and then step back for someone else to have a turn. Naturally, that never happened. Emma came out and they horded her in a circle. Yes, and of course, even though I was upset with the situation, and the fact that a paparazzi man had just litterally pushed me out of my good spot, my heart still started racing so fast, to the point that I nearly shaking from head to toe with the urge to scream or cry.

Listen to me guys, no matter what anyone says, Emma is SO SO SO sweet. She signed something for everyone there (minus myself, but I couldn't even get past the paparazzi, and I wasnt about to try to cause a I said, I already had my time). She was very sweet when the teenage girls gave her flowers and gifts, and extremely nice to everyone, even the creepy paparazzi who probably knew like, nothing about her or Harry Potter.

When it came time to leave, she went over to the limo and waved by to everyone. Then (this part really amused me) jumped into the limo, similar to the way that Dan had when I saw him at the today show. Almost like a little kid, still excited to get into a limo.

20 minutes later, I was still shaking.

I cam away from the experince with a WHOLE lot more respect for Emma, as well as a SERIOUS hate for the paparazzi! I still can't believe that they pushed me! Oh well, it was still amazing. :)