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About her famous floral Converse chucks (2005): "My Dad got them for me for my birthday present about a year ago and I've just worn them non-stop, as you can see 'cause they're really dirty... But they're really good, they're cool (laughs)."

Jess's Story


On September 20th 2004 I went to London with my boyfriend to go and see the premiere of 'Wimbledon' at the Odeon cinema, Leicester square. I particularly wanted to go and meet Kirsten Dunst, coz for the past 6 years I have run the fansite - anyway to cut a long story short, Kirsten was rushed past where I was standing. I waiting about 3 and a half hours, but she just went to do an interview then on inside the cinema. Boo I was gutted, meanwhile, the beautiful Emma Watson was walking up the carpet, talking to fans and signing autographs! Finally when she came to us, this guy next to me who was soo pleased to see her was like can I have a picture please Emma, you look so beautiful... and she did. She smiled lots and signed away, the guy even got her to come back over to us and sign again!! Awww... emma... Then Emma, went on inside, and did her interview, and Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connally came past - also lovely photographs and a signature from Paul. Then everyone started to go inside, and...the best part was, it wasn't over there - unlike everyone else screaming outside, I actually had tickets to walk up the carpet, into the cinema and watch the movie! Which was really good, and Kirsten was absolutely amazing. Yes, I am a little gutted about not meeting Kirsten, getting an autograph or decent picture, but hey, next time I will ;) I'm also a huge emma fan now - she so adorable, and I believe she will go very far! Woo.. What a day! :)

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