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About Hermione (2007): "She's definitely a feminist and very intelligent. She's naturally brainy but wants to know everything, every piece of knowledge she can possibly find anywhere, and she also has a great heart. She's a little nervous around people but not scared to say what she thinks and is extremely loyal."

Mateo's Story

The story begins when i enter to a contest and win a trip to london to be at the DVD launch party! (Harry Potter3), after the airplane and all those things i finally am on the DVD party...

The party was great, the decoration, music and everything was great!... about 20 minutes later everyone went out of the party to wait for the Trio (Emma, Rupert, Dan), Outside, the place was divided in areas, /// PEOPLE FROM THE TV, OR RADIO ETC./// PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL INVITATION /// AND OTHER PEOPLE/// thats how i saw the place, i really dont know what were the AREAS, i finally stayed at the PEOPLE WITH SPECIAL INVITATION because i had a special "GAFETTE" that says "COMPETITION WINNERs" and if i wanted to get to the PEOPLE FROM THE TV section i needed an other gafette and about 10 minutes later the Knigt bus arrived, i saw emma saying Hi!! and then the Knigt bus stopped and the Trio started to pose for some pictures.... then, the other Cast and Crew walked to the PhotoShoots and some minutes later Dan was gone and the other cast were having interviews, i saw Profersor Lupin, Profesor Flitwick, crabbe, Goyle, Filch, Neville, Seamus, Alfonso Cuaron, Percy and other cast members... then i saw Emma And rupert a few steps away from me!, but i couldn`t get close because if i wanted to talk to her i needed to pass THE LINE, between the areas and there was a guard that wouldn't let you pass!!! a minutes later, the guard was gone!!! and i just stepped into the PEOPLE FROM TV section.... i was waiting for emma to end with the interviews (about 15 minutes) and when she finally finished i told her "EMMA CAN I HAVE YOUR AUTOGRAPH, I AM FROM MEXICO" and then she turned next to me and said "I'm reaally Sorry but i really have to go" while she wrote "EMMA WATSON" on my piece of paper, then she turned to the other FANS (girls, 10 years old probably) and she gave them an autograph, but a lady with an umbrella (Probably someone that worked for her) was saying, LETS GO EMMA, and emma was like ( I WANT TO GIVE THEM AN AUTOGRAPH) and so she had to leave& go to the party but in the party i did't saw her, but i saw RUPERT and i toook a picture with him... the rest of the night was great but nothing about emma :(