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About her pets (2005): "I have two cats, actually. I did have a hamster called Milly but she died two years ago."

Nameless guy's Story

It was a normal weekend. I went to sleep on Saturday, reminding myself to attempt to not procrastinate doing my homework the next day, and to start it before midnight. The next morning, my mom said "Alright, let's go." I wondered where we were going, and she said that we were going to the third Harry Potter premiere. Oh yeah! I thought. I forgot about that! So we were in the car, and I was playing WarioWare for Game Boy Advance. We stopped at my uncle's house, to drop off our dog, Cali, for him to babysit while we were away. By the way, it was the first time he met our dog. My uncle's dog, Jake, saw Cali and seemed a bit puzzled at the size of her (Cali was only 2 weeks old then, so she was not much bigger than Jake's chew toys). Me, my brother, my sister, & my mom then changed clothes, ate some breakfast, and got back in the car to go into the city.

We ate lunch at the Hard Rock Café, where we met up with my dad, who went in the other car. I had guitar-shaped chicken nuggets, and there were some people I recognized from the movies, such as the actor who plays Crabbe. It was kinda weird though, a lot of the music they played was mild-weight pop, when it's called the Hard Rock Café. They did play Hash Pipe by Weezer though, which was good, and a new song called Last Train Home by Lost Prophets, which is also pretty good. Then my dad lost his camera, which sucked cause it had pictures of Cali when we first got her on it, and it also sucked cause of…obvious reasons.

Then we walked on a red carpet into Radio City Music Hall, where the movie was playing. I looked at all the people watching me walking on the red carpet, who were probably thinking "Who the hell is this? I've never seen them before." Inside, Chris Columbus, who picked up my dad's camera at the restaurant by mistake, gave it to him. That was a relief. My dad went to the same college as Chris, and they're friends. (That's why I got invited to the premiere.) On everyone's seat, there was popcorn, Muggle shirts, acid pops, and gummy slugs in a bag. The movie was great. I think it was just as good as the other movies. After the movie, we went in a bus, with an annoying driver who just kept rambling on about things so unrelated to each other, trying to be funny. The bus stopped at a fancy restaurant with stairs in front of it, and we went in.

This is the paragraph where Emma enters the story. When I went into the restaurant, I went into an elevator with my dad and then the actor who plays Hagrid was introduced to us. Out of the elevator, there were little appetizers being given to people, and I still have a shrimp tail from that day saved as a souvenir on top of my cabinet. It still smells good. Anyway, then I had a (non-alcoholic) pina colada. As soon as I finished drinking it and looked up from my glass, Emma Watson appeared practically right in front of me, walking to the upstairs of the restaurant as the people in the way cleared a path for her. I then felt a really strong, strange desire to follow her upstairs. Naturally, for me, I couldn't do anything in front of my parents that made it look like I was attracted to a girl, since their views of me would change and they'd be all annoying. But I HAD to go upstairs. Before long, my family decided to go upstairs. Hahaa! I win. The closer I was to Emma, the more comfortable, at ease, and all-around good I felt. When we were up there in goodness land, Emma was standing there, talking to Tom Felton. Then, a (little, in comparison to most people) girl walked close to them with a camera, but kinda behind their backs, and giggled to another girl who was with her, and was about to take a picture, but then Emma noticed and then had the picture taken with the two camera girls in it, which must have been even better for them. I just had to stop and look at Emma for a bit. Let me tell you something: She is a lot prettier in real life as herself than when she's all dressed up as Hermione for the movies. I never knew how beautiful she really is…erhem..*cough*..ehheh… okay back to the story. Me & my people sat down on a couch nearby, and eventually my dad said "Hey, anybody wanna take a picture with Hermione?" I suddenly stood up & said: YEAH. So I approached Emma, and she said to me: "Hi!" and I smiled and said "Hi!" back and congratulated her on the good job she did on the movie, and she smiled and said thanks. Hehe, Tom gave me kind of a pissed look, maybe because Emma smiled at me, and since I'm the closest in my family in age to her and the opposite sex, so maybe she was attracted to me and Tom was jealous (…I wish…) Then my brother & sister came into the 5-foot radius that me & Emma were standing in together, and my dad attempted to take a picture. The picture's quality came out all stupid and blurry, since my dad was nervous and shaking the camera as he took the picture. Also, I look really tall in the picture, since I was even more nervous and I accidentally took a step forward right before he took the picture. At least I got a picture with Emma Watson though! Looking back, I'm surprised I was even able to speak in English to Emma, I was so nervous. We went back downstairs a little later. Back downstairs, I wanted to go back upstairs, but, my parents were talking to their movie making friends. I talked with them for a little while too. They talked about how big I've gotten, yeah, I already knew that part, and they remembered some of the crazy routines I had when I was a toddler, such as how I was obsessed with Spalding basketballs and always used to draw them. Hehe. I remember that. After my parents' friends went to talk to other people, I wanted to go back upstairs again to where Emma was. So, instead, I sat down and played drums on the table with silverware, while thinking about what had happened up in goodness land. I was kinda overwhelmed with thoughts and feeling. I felt something I hadn't felt in a while. I felt love. Also, I was confused because I REALLY wanted to go upstairs and just be with Emma, but I've had a stupid obsession about having my family know I like a girl, just because they'd be all annoying & smiley about it, and their view of me would never be the same. I probably felt more strongly about Emma, but I had basically made a vow to myself to not be in love till I'm in college, where people I've lived with all my life and who I would care if their views of me changed, wouldn't know about the whole thing. So I just didn't know what to do. Before long, my dinner came. I had salmon that was better than your average dinner, since I was in a fancy restaurant.

After dinner, we went upstairs again, to take pictures with some of the other kids in the movie. That was pretty cool. But the taking a picture with Emma, and standing right next to her for 20 seconds, as my dad tried to take a picture, was even cooler. I didn't get a chance to get a picture with Daniel Radcliffe though, because people said that he was kinda tired from everything. Oh well. I can understand. I was full from all the food I ate, but I still wanted more souvenirs so I gathered some lollipops and put them in my mom's bag to take home. Then, music started playing and people started dancing. Well me doing THAT was surely out of the question, since my parents were right there. I just sat in a chair and looked around the place. I saw Ginny (I forget what her real name is) also just standing there, not really doing anything. This is weird, yet awesome, I thought. It felt like I was in a Harry Potter movie, except where everyone is acting like muggles. Characters from Harry Potter were there. Heh. I then tried to find Emma, and I saw her in the back of the room, behind all the other people, with Daniel, telling the DJ what to play. Then, (punish me for saying this), I saw Emma lean her head on Daniel's shoulder. This stuck in my head for a little bit. I tried to convince myself that this is stupid, that I'm not upset. I just stood there, staring at Emma & Daniel dancing together, until soon later when my dad said something in the category of "it's time to go, it's getting late, there's school tomorrow." Bleh. Okay. I…guess…we can…go. My dad thought maybe we should try one more time to get a picture with Daniel, and then he saw him dancing with Emma and he was like: "Ah, I guess it's not necessary. Let the man live." Yep. Daniel sure was living. So we went back downstairs, and just before that, I caught one last glimpse of Emma, and I'm happy to say this, Emma & Daniel didn't only dance with each other. I mean, I'd be happy for them if they were, really, involved, but my inner instinct would still determine my outer emotion. As me & my family went out of the restaurant, there was a crowd of people with cameras and stuff, waiting for the trio and people to come out. Yeah. People that famous, in the upstairs of the restaurant, really have fan problems. There's too many fans of them. If they didn't have people protecting them, they'd probably be ripped apart by crazed fans who would want their body parts as souvenirs to sell on Ebay, or something.

In the car, going back home, I wished I had gotten Emma's screenname or something (which I later found out is impossible to do), or at least talked to her more. I also had that song I heard earlier on that day, Last Train Home, stuck in my head. In case you don't know, the main lyrics are: "Well we sing, if we're goin nowhere, and we sing, if it's not enough, and we sing, sing without a reason, to ever fall in love, to ever fall in love again." That added bonus points to the emotion I felt. Dammit, I am so messed up from all of this, to be writing lyrics like THAT down and submitting it to the internet. The song sounds good though, it's not as wimpy as it looks. The next day, I had school. It was almost upsetting how normal a day it was, right smack after the day I had before. It was too much of a sudden change from goodness land to a world made of monotonous schedules and 250-word essays. After school, the first thing I did was find everything I could about Emma Watson from the internet. I tried to find her screenname or email address, which is against the law of physics to get, as I found out after searching the entire internet for it. It's better off that way though, again with the fans problem, if information like that was just freely shown on the internet, people would be sending her so many messages that her computer would run out of disk space from text within days, and then her computer would break, and all the little messages would pour out, and then the earth would be flooded with messages, which would absorb all the oceans, causing a fire age from lack of water. The earth would catch on fire and crumple into burnt stuff. Yes… of course I'm being a wise guy. I'll have to do better next time, at the next movie premiere, coming in 2005. I'm really looking forward to it. I'm thinking of ideas for exactly how to talk to Emma, and how to do that without anyone in my family seeing.