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About her career (2005): "I definitely wouldn't want Harry Potter to be the last thing that I do. What I'll do, on the other hand, I don't know yet. I'm gonna go all the way through school, through university and I'm just keeping my eyes open for something, a project that I'll really fall in love with."

Savitri's Story

It's 15 November 2004 , in London , in the car. I was on a journey to my Dad's office with my mom and sisters, which is located nearby Oxford Street where I'm going to see Emma Watson. I know I'm not going to talk to her but just seeing her is enough. Oxford Street is a tourist place, many tourists shop in here including me…lol!!! J

So, then we arrive in front of my dad's office. After waiting for my dad, we went to Oxford Street by walking. When we get there, not many people are in there. Well, it's quite though. I thought I'm gonna see Jo Read, but I'm not. So we just stand here and wait. Then, two presenters came out. I forgot their names but their really popular in here. They're presenters from a radio station in here called Heart 106.2. After a chit-chat for a while, they introduced the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone. He said he's really happy to have the ceremony. After several words, he introduced Emma Watson. I'm so happy that time; it's really out of my mind. She's shouting really happy saying hello to everyone. She said that switching the Christmas lights on in this street is her dream and proud that the 3 rd Harry Potter DVD sponsored for the ceremony. Besides, these lights are for the Olympics Bid for London 2012. She says that she loves sport very much, so she's happy on doing this as well. One of the presenters is a guy. He wants Emma to kiss his cheek then he says, 'I'm kissing Hermione, I'm kissing Hermione!' Then he says that he wants to marry Harry Potter for his Christmas Present, hahaha. :D

It's really funny having this experience. I hardly scream to Emma but she doesn't hear it anyway. After that the Great Britain Relay group 4x100 came up. After that the lights were switched really lovely. It's really good. When all the stars went down the stage, I can hardly see Emma in there through the bottom. I'm just smiling, feeling proud that Emma is Hermione Granger. Then the boy band named Il Divo came up. It's good but I do not really like them, their voices are tenors', so yeah.

So, that's it, I knew it, not meeting Emma anymore. We took photos in the road, in front of the lights and went back to my dad's office and went home. Sorry for my photos, it's not really good coz it's taken by an ordinary camera and I don't have any scanner so yeah…

Thx for reading and hope you enjoyed.