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About dressing the way she wants (2007): "In interviews like this and when I'm working on Harry Potter I can dress myself, but the stylists on those shoots have a strong view of what they want you to look like. So sometimes it's a bit of a battle between what they want you to be and what I really am, so I'm like, 'Please take off the eyeliner', or 'Please don't put me in those awful shoes', or whatever it is."

Taylor's Story

I found out that I would be attending the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, down the red carpet and to see the movie (which rocked, by the way!!) and meet all of the stars that would be attending the premiere. My good friend Paula (see her name in the credits and the end of the first three movies as associate producer: Paula Dupre' Pesmen) is a former Harry Potter Producer. I discovered on my birthday, April 15, 1990 (yeah I know, funky coincidence, same as Emma's!!) that on May 23, 2004, I would be going. I screamed at the top of my lungs when I found out!! I went with my mother, my best friend, her mom, and bff's older sister, who lives in New York.

As we arrived in Manhattan, we first had a luncheon with Paula, her husband and little son (who is the most precious kid in the world, lol) and her niece, Sara. (I actually met Sara over the internet, on, so I finally got to meet her after we constantly IMed each other back and forth!) We are both fully obsessed with Daniel Radcliffe. J Oh, and last September, by the way, Paula invited me my mom, bff, and her mom to see the Harry Potter sets in London (coolest city ever, we flew from Chicago!) AND to meet Dan and Emma! What could have possibly been better than that??? So anyways…..

At the luncheon, we would also be seeing a bunch of old friends, including one of Paula's close friends, Jamie Waylett, (who plays Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter movies). He's a very cool guy, unfortunately I didn't get any autographs because we didn't have paper or anything… but we did get plenty of pictures. (See pictures of everything below!!) Jamie is a very cool person – I shook his hand and stuff, just mentioned how much I love Harry Potter… I felt bad for asking to take pictures with him, but he was cool about it, so I am ever so grateful! And you can see the one next to us and Jamie is one of me and his mother, Theresa – she's a nice lady. (At the premiere, I kept on saying hi to Jamie, but I only said hi once to Theresa). I also met John, Jamie's assistant, very briefly.

And now…. the moment you've all been waiting for…

We all walked down to Radio City Music Hall, where the premiere would be held. Already we could hear screaming fans in the crowd, so I of course got really really excited, I said, “OMG, who is it???” The security was extremely tight there, of course, we had to show the guard in front of the carpet our tickets (which we did. The tickets had a pink slash down, which proved we had access to the carpet). The crowd was amazing there, I was so shocked to see them all there! One girl I remember held up a sign that said “We Love Dan and Rupert!” and a huge crowd at the end held one that read “We love Alan Rickman!” and so on… The first person that I got to meet was James Phelps, who plays Fred Weasley, one of Ron's older brothers. (See our picture below). When I spoke to him, I said, (because I wasn't sure) “Are you James or Oliver?” And he said in quite a light accent, “I'm James,” (with a smile) and of course, I shook his hand. My mother took our picture, she was so excited her hands were shaking when she took the picture, lol!

Now, I don't quite remember what the rest of the order was of whom I had met. But I can tell you that I met Matthew Lewis, (Neville) Devon Murray (Seamus Finnigan), Robbie Coltrane, (Hagrid), Tom Felton(Malfoy) Chris Columbus (former director), Daniel Radcliffe (Harry the wizard himself!! Such a cutie!!) and Rupert Grint. Bonnie Wright was there as well (she looked so adorable!) but I didn't get a chance to meet her, sadly! Rupert was on the carpet, doing some press interviews and stuff. I was so excited to meet him, I was shaking like crazy! I had to tell him, (I promised my other best friend that since she couldn't go, if I got to meet him, I would tell him… something, you'll see!) So I walked up to him, and I said, “H-hi I'm Taylor, oh, and this is my best friend [not mentioning any names here, since it's the internet]. My other best friend [no names], wanted me to tell you that she loves you!” I think he said “that's cool” or something, but you know, I'm sure he gets that a lot from girls… And then, of course, I had to hug him, which I did, I asked first.

I also forgot to mention that I did meet Alan Rickman. He is a very cool guy, very normal, though I recognized him even without his Snape look! I'm honestly not the biggest fan of his, but I told him that I was anyways, I mean, he is a fabulous actor. Other celebrity guests that were invited and showed up were LL Cool J, Susan Soranden (Stepmom), her kids and husband, and that one lady who played Queen Amidala on Star Wars, I keep forgetting her name! Susan was a very nice lady as well. I finally got to meet the British princess herself, Emma Watson! I said “Hi Emma! I met you back in September at Shepperton Studios [where they were filming that day].” And she replied, “Oh yeah, hi!” with a great smile. I was so flattered she remembered us! Her dress was awesome, the shoes of course were so cute. I finally and actually managed to tell her, “I am such a huge fan,” and she said “thank you!” I also finally managed to ask for a hug, and that was all right with her. Emma Watson, can I tell you, is one of the sweetest girls I have ever met in my life – she's so down-to-earth and kind, and meeting her (twice!!) and the rest of the half of the cast was the best experience of my entire life.