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About feeling safe on set for the first movie (2007): "I was extremely naive and in a way it was good to be really nervous. I came to realise that Maggie Smith was a pretty good actress, she was just really nice to me. I wouldn't have been able to come to the set if I didn't feel completely safe."

Tina's Story

Hy everyone!

On August 19th I was gone with my family to the airport in Stuttgart. After a great flew of 12 hours we landed on the Columbia Metropolitan Airport.

At the next day I were gone with my family to the world famous garden: Magnolia Garden. After more then a hour in this garden, I was very tired and sit down on a banch. When I was looking around trough the tropical gardens all around me, I saw her!

A saw a girl which really look like Emma Watson. I remembering that Emma was on vacation in South Carolina, but at the same time as me? I can't believe it. A few metres in front of me was she.

Also her brother, her mother and a guy I never seen (the new husband of Emma's Mom I think …) stoods around her.

Nervously I gone to her and ask: “Emma Watson?” She quickley turn around, look at me and smile. “Are you Emma Watson?” I asked again because it was so fantastic. She said “yes, I am” and her brother didn't seem to be inspired straight that I had addressed her.

I told her that I'm from Germany and that I'm a big fan of her, also I ask Emma if I can took a picture of her but her mother interrupted me. She said that she can took the picture that I can be with Emma on it. So I gave her my camera and she said: “smile” and took it. At least I said “thank you very very much” to all of them and Emma only said: “No prob”.

With a big smile I run back to my family and told them all.
Bye Tina