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About being at Brown and being, well, Emma Watson: "It's an interesting juggling act but it works, and I feel so blessed that I can have the best of both worlds." (2010)

Ballet Shoes

Poster Of Ballet Shoes

Role: Pauline Fossil

Director: Sandra Goldbacher

Starring: Emma Watson, Emilia Fox, Victoria Wood, Yasmin Paige, Lucy Boynton, Marc Warren, Richard Griffiths

Release date: December 26 2007

Storyline: Set in 1930s, Pauline (Emma), Petrova and Posy Fossil are three orphans who were adopted by an explorer (Richard Griffiths), raised as sisters by his niece and her nurse (Emilia Fox and Victoria Wood). Pauline longs to be an actress, while Petrova wants to be an aviator and Posy wants to be a ballerina.

Movie Facts:

  • Emma was 17 when she filmed the movie. However, Pauline, the character she plays was 15 at the end of the book that this movie has been based on.
  • Ballet Shoes is one of JK Rowling’s favorite books.
  • The movie has a 100% rating on, one of the biggest movie reviews websites online.


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Movie Quotes

Director: so you wanna be in movies?
Pauline: I don’t know, I don’t know much about them.
Director: but don’t you want to be an actress?
Pauline: No, I need to be an actress.

Pauline as Alice in Alice In Wonderland: Stop! You’re nothing but a pack of playing cards!.

Pauline: Garnie, we know we’re poor.

Pauline: Petrova!, Petrova!, do you think I can do it?
Petrova: Do What?
Pauline: Play Alice. Winifred was better than me at the audition, and it’s a massive part.



“While watching ‘Ballet Shoes,’ I felt like a time machine had transported me to London in the 1930s, then set me in the midst of this wonderful humanistic story” – Betty Jo Tucker, ReelTalk Movie Reviews

“[A] pleasant if uninspired adaptation of Noel Streatfeild’s children’s classic” – Joanne Kaufman, Wall Street Journal

“Sisters learn value of love,work, and sacrifice” – Nancy Davis Kho, Common Sense Media


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