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Emma Watson - Reviews from Chamber of Secrets Era

Steve Rhodes internet reviews
but it falls to Emma Watson to again, as Hermione Granger, steal the show. She's a real charmer whose entire film career consists of nothing but the POTTER films. Why other producers don't snatch her up for their movies is a real mystery.

Film hobbit:
This is especially evident in comparison to his two companions, Hermione and Ron, both of whom come off as easily more movie-worthy than the saccharinely bland figure of Harry Potter. Can we all just stop a moment and marvel at how much little Emma Watson LEAPS off the screen? So often child actors are simply automatons that go where they're pointed. But both Watson, and Rubert Grint, who plays Ron Weasley are electric! Watching them grow just from one film to the next has already been a joy. If nothing else, I look forward to the next Potter installment just to see what those two become.

Jason Sanford reviews
Watson is adorably wise beyond her years as the brainy, take-charge Hermione, whose self-confidence takes a severe hit when she's branded a "mudblood" by smarmy fellow student Draco Malfoy (Tom Felton) because of her questionable parentage.

Emma Watson's Hermione walks the tightrope between endearing and infuriating with considerable skill,

Bbci reviews:
The one exception is Emma Watson, who captures know-it-all Hermione's character perfectly.

Aicn reviews:
Emma Watson likewise reprises her role of book-smart Hermione Granger with great ease... And damn if she isn't growing up. Mark my words, by the time Goblet of Fire is shooting, she'll be illegally lusted after with a fervor close to that which surrounded Natalie Portman in the time between LEON and THE PHANTOM MENACE.

Rocky mountains
and Emma Watson, as the brilliant Hermione Granger, has lost none of her charm.

Denton record chronicle:
But everyone plays second banana to the kids and, again, they perform their duties well, with special notice given to Emma Watson as Hermione Granger. She possesses a diction far beyond her years, giving her scenes, and the film, a needed sparkle.

Houston community newspapers:
And Emma Watson's character, who's turning into a first class babe, appears to be developing a budding love interest with Harry

Emma Watson makes the best case among the young actors for having a career beyond the Potter series as Hermione Granger, a solid role model for girls in a mostly male fantasy.
Emma Watson, as Hermoine, is quite a beauty and knows how to use the flash of her gorgeous eyes.

2fm entertainment:
Of the children, Emma Watson is the one that shines, promising a career far beyond the confines of Hogwarts School.

Guardian online:
Watson is much more believable in her role as Hermione compared to their characters in the first film. In one particular scene, Watson is especially commendable in portraying Hermione's distress and hurt when her red, watery eyes evoke sniffles from even the hardest of hearts.

Emma Watson also makes the self-contained Hermione Granger more accessible this time out. (Truth be told, the onscreen Hermione is a tad more winsome than the character described in J.K. Rowling's novels.)

Las vegas mercury:
cute as a button Emma Watson maintains the mature charm she displayed in the original

The rage:
Miss Watson in particular beginning to suggest the elements of a capable screen star
If you were to choose the best of the three, it would have to be Watson. She has a few truly outstanding moments, especially in her tender scene with Hagrid (the always good Robbie Coltrane) who tells her being Muggle-born has nothing to do with being a great witch :
Emma Watson is the sharpest of the three with her going beyond what is required in her role. A particular part of the movie that stood out was the sub-plot behind her family (which I will not spoil).
Watching Emma Watson tear up at the insult, the hurt and shock written plainly on her face, makes for sheer pleasure in the A+ quality acting; hold on to your hats, people, this little girl is definitely going places.

Orion online:
Watson infuses Hermione with so much pluck and intelligence she proves to be the lovely, steadfast backbone of the group
Watson has gained in confidence and is too attractive to be a knowall - an annoying one, anyway.

Tech mit:
Watson's portrayal of Hermione is far more notable, however. Possibly her finest moment is when she faces off against Draco Malfoy after he calls her a Mudblood (the most offensive slur for a Muggle). Moments later in Hagrid's hut, she is on the verge of bursting into tears; it is without doubt a touching moment

Reel reviews:
Emma Watson, who plays Hermione Granger, keeps getting better. She is heartbreaking and sweet in turns as she becomes the victim of some terrible slurrs and hormones begin to make themselves evident in very subtle ways. I thought Chris Columbus and Steve Kloves did a wonderful job of hinting at the slight sexual tension mixed with genuine friendship here.

Low country
His best friends, Ron and Hermione, also turn in outstanding turns. One thing that worries me is how they are going to keep Watson from becoming too much of a babe by the time the third and fourth films arrive.

Cinema online:
Behind every man there is a sucessful woman...and true that is, very true! The woman in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets simply glow in radiance. Emma Watson, reprises her role Hermione, the know-it-all! She deliveres a flawless performance in the second movie. This time around as the academic nerd, the lovestruck little girl, the poor hurt soul and as the fun Hermione she has always been! When they all go to Hagrid's hut after the 'Mudblood' scene, we get to see the senstive side of Hermione that will touch your heart (touched mine)!

Watson has the smallest role of the three in this installment, but she nevertheless continues to offer the strongest performance.

The flat
Watson is coming into her own, although flagrantly disobeying the book's mandate that Hermione is a homely bookworm, not an about-to-inspire-impure-fantasies-in-older-men bookworm.
Though her screen time is somewhat limited, Watson breathes real intelligence and gumption into Hermione, making her a true stand out