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About the way she has to behave in public (2007): "Fame probably restricts my freedom a little. I can't act like the rest of my peer group, I have to think more carefully and be more wary of people. You don't even have to do anything wrong, the papers just interpret it in a certain way. So I'm careful. but I don't feel like I don't have a good time or am hiding inside myself."

Emma Watson - Reviews from Philosopher Stone Era

I was especially impressed by young Emma Watson's masterful portrayal of Hermione Granger. I have trouble believing that “Harry Potter” is her first film, and I suspect she is destined for a great career.

Hermione Granger is played by Emma Watson, Emma is a very beautiful little girl, so it's nice they gave her that wacky hair to offset it. She's nicely snotty and could certainly grow up to be a supermodel if she could keep the whole Hermione attitude! Although I doubt that's what is in store for Hermione! Emma is good and will get even better.

The friends are Hermione Granger (Emma Watson), who's merry face and tangled curls give Harry nudges in the direction of lightening up a little.

Only young Emma Watson as Hermione Granger has the speed and self possession onscreen to really bring her character to life .

The best reading comes from Emma Watson who captures Hermione's precocious energy.

Easily the best is scene stealer Emma Watson as Harry's companion Hermione Granger. This first-time screen actress has an endearing type A personality that reminds one of what Reese Witherspoon must have been like when she was young.

Watson , who plays Hermione Ganger was simply amazing, especially considering that this is her acting debut.

Harry, Ron and Hermione are played with great enthusiasm by Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson respectively. However, Miss Watson just wins by a nose in the acting stakes with her hilairiously precocious performance.

Emma Watson is adorable as the know-it-all with a heart of gold.

Emma Watson was absolutely adorable as Hermione. She was perhaps my favourite character in the show.

But the one actor who slips so naturally into her role that she hardly seems to be doing any acting at all is Emma Watson. With her unruly head of curls and tiny turned-up nose, Watson IS Hermione Granger, the smarty pants who proves to be a staunch friend in need.

Watson is easily the standout, developing Hermione into a girl who may get good grades in school but is insecure of herself on the outside.

Watson, with her pointy raised chin and pursed lips, is the perfect little snoot who can turn the remark, “WHAT. AN. IDIOT”, into three clipped sentences. She's an exceptionally beautiful child with palpable charisma.

Watson as the brainy Hermione is appropriately feisty as one the minority females at the school, reminding me somewhat of a young Anna Paquin (and she has a great accent too) .

Emma Watson is adorable and utterly charming.

Watson is witty, wise and irresistible to watch.

Of the three young actors, it is Emma Watson that I am absolutely delighted with. Her character feels so real and honest. The girl that wants to be one of the boys, who wants to succeed and will work hard for it, but is pigeonholed by others as being a know-it-all and rude….when she is just trying to help and assist. Both the girl and the character are my faves.

Watson is especially excellent as the know-it-all brainiac Hermione. She's got the holier than thou, haughty attitude down brilliantly.

Watson, as the precocious Hermione, is smart and energetic taking a bigger bite out of this movie than any other actor.

Emma Watson, though way to cute to play the on-the-page bucktoothed Hermione, actually makes the strongest impression of the bunch the girl knows how to sell her lines as the bossy teacher's pet .

Watson is as cute as a button

Watch out for young Watson in the future. She is a feisty little actress and she steals the show away from the non- descriptive Harry Potter.

The kids that play Ron and Hermione are great talents, especially the young actress playing Hermione. She is a talent to look out for.

Emma Watson is Hermione, a pert lass of sass and brilliance.

Watson was my single favourite performance of the film. Could she be ant more perfect? She got the overachieving aspect of the character, she got the emotional-girl-inside-the-hard-shell aspect, and managed to build her performance to perfection.

It is particularly noticeable when Emma Watson comes onscreen as Harry's bud Hermione; a complete newcomer to acting, she has a charisma that is almost magical.

Damned near stealing the entire show for me is Emma Watson in the part of Hermione Granger, the girl wizard. She's saucy, wise, bossy, impertinent and very cool. An absolute jewel.

Emma Watson who plays Hermione, manages to be fussy and fretful while still being likable- no easy feat for an actor of any age.

Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) nearly steals the movie. She Is fantastic.

Emma Watson summons the know-it-all imperiousness of Hermione Granger.

Watson is perfectly the picture of bookish arrogance, and plays the part to the hilt.

Finally Watson makes an entrancing entrancing debut as Hermione, the bookworm, the know-it-all who plays by the rules and tsk-tsks the boys when they don't. Physically she is prettier than we expected Hermione to be, with a mane of wild hair and stormy dark eyes. At 10 Watson has the gift of a precocious child, that of being simultaneously snooty and charming. Meeting Harry and Ron for the first time, she considers the two of them, informs Ron that he has dirt on his nose then turns on her heel with a sharp “pleasure” and flounces off, leaving us utterly hooked.

But the real comic timing here comes from 10 year old Emma Watson, who brings a delightfully self satisfied bounce to the bossy Hermione. She flounces about making pronouncements, tossing back her hair and wrinkling her little nose – I see a Meg Ryan-like future for this kid.

Emma Watson delights as the brainy, supercilious but always game Hermione.

The prepubescent Watson is absurdly alluring to those of us who always went for the bossy girls; when she fixed her sharp brown eyes on Radcliffe and said “Harreh do be keh-ful” my heart did about five somersaults.

Had I not read the book, I would have wondered why this film wasn't called “Hermione Granger and the sorcerer's stone”. Newcomer Emma Watson is such a young charmer with her luxuriant pre- Raphaelite hair and bold, proud smile, and is so expressively alive as Harry's sometimes-annoying but loyal pal Hermione, that she's the movie's true child star.

….nor as disarmingly charming as Hermione Granger, whom 10 year old Emma Watson plays to the hilt.

And Emma Watson as Hermione is an adorable know-it-all, the kid in the class with her hand up first.

Emma steals the movie for me more than anything else. Her one liners and superior attitude are delivered with a degree greater than perfection and highlight EVERY scene she is in. Frankly, I don't ever expect that fine a performance from a child. When Oscar time comes around don't be surprised to see her on the ballot. Again they fell short on living up to the book simply because she's a very cute little girl and the book clearly describes a very plain looking girl with huge front teeth. However, it's excusable simply because of the extraordinary performance put forth.

The third member of the youthful core trio is Miss Hermione Granger. Born to Muggle (non-wizard) parents, she has completely thrown herself into her studies. She comes to Hogwarts already knowing most of the course material, and she wants to make everyone aware of that. She is extremely intelligent, but she sometimes uses that as a front to hide her emotional sensitivity. Emma Watson is truly the most brilliantly shining star in the movie. From the moment I first saw her on the Dateline NBC Harry Potter special, a week before the movie came out, I knew that she was absolutely perfect for the part. All British children seem to have a scary sort of Children of the Corn thing going on, where they speak and act years older than they are. But Emma Watson truly is eleven going on thirty. Her manner and bearing are supremely confident, and this carries over well into Hermione's personality. Emma is actually somewhat prettier than Hermione is supposed to be at this stage in the game, but it doesn't adversely affect anything. In point of fact, Emma positively smolders on the screen. I never knew that an eleven year old could be sultry, but dammit, she is! Her delivery is clever and clipped, and her eyes say more in an instant than a thousand words could .

The real treat among the kiddies is Emma Watson. She plays little-miss-know-it-all Hermione Granger. Hermione is that kid in school who always wrecks the curve. Her smarts in this film are equally matched by her sense of timing. While the "funny" lines may have been written for Ron, it's Hermione with her deadpan that got the laughs from me. If you've read the book, you are in for a real treat. Everything about Emma is Hermione. Her facial expressions, her tone and her attitude are all perfect.

But the real scene-stealer is fresh-faced Emma Watson, who lights up the screen in every scene she appears in and invests Hermione with winsome charm.

Though way too cute to play the character of Hermione, Emma Watson does leave a strong impression (that girl's obviously bursting with talent) - her cool, acidy lines are uttered with total confidence, and she struts around so naturally that it looks as if she were 'made' for this role. Yes, keep a look out for young Emma Watson, everyone.

As for the real actors, Emma Watson is a gem as Potter's bookish sidekick and crush Hermione Granger, who almost steals the movie

Emma Watson is probably the best actress at her age. She is also a great actress on any level. She had one of those few breakthrough performances of 2001-2002. No one could have done a better portrayal of Hermion Granger! Emma did the best work out of all people (other than J.K. Rowling) involved in 'Harry Potter' the movie! If I can refrase a line from the movie to inculde Emma then I must say:
"It is clear that we can expect great things from you, Miss Watson!"

Watson is so totally endearing as their beautiful, bossy, busybody of a girl pal that she comes perilously close to stealing the movie.

debut performance of Emma Watson, who makes the film worth watching all by herself.

Much the same could be said for Emma Watson, who breathes life and fun into what could be a terminally obnoxious character, Hermione Granger. Watson is a beauty in the works and she makes her professional debut in POTTER, having only acted in school plays prior to this fortuitous casting. She's loaded with confidence and sass and the net result is that Hermione is much more likable on the screen than on the printed page.

True star power also radiates from little Emma Watson, still not twelve years old, who will be reminding movie viewers of Julia Roberts in another decade. By that time, the half-pint will have the experience Roberts now has and uses to bully roles such as Erin Brockovich into submission.

Emma Watson is a lovely, sweet, yet thoroughly annoying know-it-all Hermione Granger. A might too lovely, yes, but possessing a depth that I didn't find in the literary Hermione until the later books. She takes no backseat to either Harry or Ron and represents the "fairer sex" with strength, somehow managing to make overachieving endearing.

Dizzy heights review: Emma Watson also shines as Hermione, though I'd argue she's way too cute for the part. The Hermione in the book was buck toothed and not all that attractive, whereas Watson looks like a stunner in the making.