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About alleviating poverty through fashion (2010): "As someone who is very interested in fashion and has been doing a lot with the fashion world recently, I thought it was a really amazing idea to try to alleviate poverty through such a strong industry and it's something fun as well. Rather than giving to charity, this gives people the means to fight their way out of poverty themselves with dignity. It gives them the chance to work. It gives them their pride."

Watson Weekly Issue 18

Issue 18 of Watson Weekly is finally here!

In this issue, we have an article about Emma as the new face of Burberry, Neve visits some Harry Potter locations, and Amy chats about music and another celebrity spotlight. There’s also a feature on hot styles, a book review of an Emma favorite, some music videos, and a lot of great fan art sent in by our visitors.

Update: A pdf version is now available.

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152 Responses to “Watson Weekly Issue 18”

  1. leila says:

    ilove watson weekly so much it is my favrite magazine

  2. max says:

    😆 😛 🙁 😡 😥 :wink:not good the old face was really nice people like the old face not the new face.