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About whether or not Hermione's going to die in the last book (2007): "My theory changes every week. I was really convinced at one point Hermione is gonna die, and now I don't know, she might make it. I really don't know, I have to say I really don't. I can't wait to read it."

New Deathly Hallows Images

A number of new images from Deathly Hallows have come out recently featuring Emma.  Promotional stills from Part 1 includes Hermione in her bedroom (might have posted this before, but smaller), Hermione and Krum at the wedding, and Hermione and Ron after the seven Harrys escape from Privet Drive. From Part 2 there is a photo of everyone gathered around a wounded George, the trio in Hogsmeade, and not sure on the last. Finally there is an on the set shot from Part 1 after the trio flee the Deatheaters attack on the wedding. Thanks to Tania, Occlumencia and Snitchseeker.



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13 Responses to “New Deathly Hallows Images”

  1. sarah says:

    omg Victor Krum is HOT!!

    Is it just me, or have they deleted the actual Hermione/Krum scene from the film? Because I don’t recall seeing it!! 🙁

    • Kitty says:

      yes! I can’t remember I’ve seen that scene!!:(
      It’s a pity that they deleted it since Hermione/Krum’s romance is cute in the books

  2. berlin says:

    there are also some new videos on! 🙂

  3. Blessi says:

    Hi. Did you receive my message and the image. Please inform is it’s acceptable. Thanks again 🙂

  4. Samfan says:

    If there something wrong with Emma? I’m worried about her. Her sudden weight gain isn’t normal. Is it medication or a medical problem? Her face looks swollen compared to the Lancome photos. She looks so rough recently.

    • dook says:

      There is nothing wrong with Emma.

      And stop posting the same nonsense under different names, Samfan / R / Annie.

    • flowerpower says:

      maybe it has something to do with her character sam in the upcoming movie, maybe she had to gain some weight

    • Valentina says:

      I don’t see nothing wrong , I don’t know how could you see…

  5. Dr.Pepper says:

    Awesome photos. Loved it. 😀

  6. KS987 says:

    Thanks for the pictures. Yes, the Hermione/Krum scene was deleted, probably for time reasons. But every time I see Emma in the red dress I always have to gasp for air. Her beauty is just breathtaking as I’ve said numerous times before.

  7. padfoot says:

    There’s another with Hermione if you’re interested.

  8. Jade says:

    DHstill16 kinda looks scary…no offense and Emma is so prettyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She’s gorgeous than Rebecca Black. Lol. o.o (No but really, she looks prettier than Rebecca *:$! Shy Face :$!*)