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Emma’s Favourite Premiere Dress

Over the past decade Emma Watson has worn dresses from top fashion designers to the Harry Potter premieres, but she says the one that will always be special to her is the vintage purple gown she wore to the UK premiere of Prisoner of Azkaban.

“I’ve loved every dress I’ve worn for a premiere but probably the best is the purple dress from the 1920s. My mum and I found it in a vintage shop. It was torn but we had it repaired. The one rip we couldn’t mend we covered with a corsage. We dyed shoes to match and found vintage silk flowers for my hair. That was the first time I felt I was creating my own look so, although it wasn’t perfect by any means, that dress will always be special to me.”

Emma is comfortable in ‘vintage’ to ‘cutting edge’, but for everyday wear she likes simple.

“I love modern designers like Alberta Ferretti. And right now, I’m very big on Valentino. But for everyday wear, the items I couldn’t live without are a pair of basic black cropped trousers and a pair of ballet pumps. You can’t go wrong with those – they’re the basis of everything.”

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31 Responses to “Emma’s Favourite Premiere Dress”

  1. RedHead5 says:

    haha πŸ˜€ I love Emma πŸ˜€

  2. Iris says:

    That was the first dress I loved on her. It gave me the impression that she’s starting to choose her own clothing now and show some good taste. Vintage really suits her. Especially purple.

  3. Sabrina says:

    Oh it was vintage! It’s my favourite of her premiere outfits as well, her hair was so beautiful too!

  4. Heather says:

    This has ALWAYS been my favorite too! and the NY POA premiere outfit. Classic =)

  5. Sami says:

    I wonder what she did with the dress after the premier?

    • Iris says:

      I bet she kept it because she found it with her mum and repaired the rips to make it look presentable. I’d keep it. It’s lovely.

  6. spencer says:

    She looks lovely in that dress and the fact that she work hard on it with her mom is awesome! Love her so much

  7. emlover says:

    she`s really cute and the dress was beauiful
    what about beauty and the beast ? are there any news ??

  8. Nicole says:

    I love that dress and her hair is beautiful too πŸ™‚ vintage really suits her and purple’s my favourite colour so it’s probably one of my favourite dresses that Emma has ever worn to a premiere πŸ™‚ xx

  9. Lerie says:

    I love the purple dress too <3 I thought her favorite brand was Chanel…

  10. Layla says:

    Really Emma you looked perfect in this beautiful purple colored outfit and…with those silk flowers clipped on to your hair you looked surprisingly elegant!! Maybe because of your hard work of your mom an you, u looked the best than in any of the premieres!!

  11. Arou says:

    I remember seeing this dress in the newspaper the day of the premiere. in my 14 years old girl eyes, this was like a princess dress. it was amazing. And yeah. it’s beautiful!

  12. susang bhatt says:

    u look beautiful in that dress.

    like fairy of heven

  13. Jaana says:

    This was my favourite as well! That purple dress looked gorgeous on Emma and this was the time that, I think, she really started to blossom. πŸ™‚ Love the fact that she worked on the dress together with her mum! Just proves how clever and creative Emma really is. <3

  14. berlin says:

    from the 1920s?! Thats impressive…

    • Iris says:

      That doesn’t mean it’s that old. The style of the dress is from the 1920’s.

      • dook says:

        I would say it’s that old, not just an old style. Emma likes vintage clothes. The dress she wore to the Goblet of Fire premiere was also vintage, previously owned by Anna Mae Wong, an actress from the 1920’s.

        • Iris says:

          Really? I wonder how they keep those clothes nice and good for all those years… Must be a very good storage box or something. I know that Japanese women keep their kimonos in special boxes which preserves them for ages.

  15. Joe says:

    Everything is so hot on her!?! She’s so amazing!!! I hope she loves this dress as I. In german: Ich hoffe sie liebt alles an sich und ist zufreiden mit sich selbst!!!

    Greetings from Germany

  16. Sam says:

    Way off topic… but I was watching this old behind-the-scenes (Hungary) video of the second film and there’s the cutest clip.

    From 0:51-0:58 Emma is with Dan and Rupert & they’re joking around. Just watch it for yourself. πŸ™‚

    • spencer says:

      she might be taller than Dan, maybe, but definitely not Rupert…the great thing is that she is still that girl just older (case in point the behind the scenes of HP Deathly Hallows with her laughing on set). She is so great!

  17. tu est une femme extrat tu a tout pour plaire,t’est belle inteligente tu a dus coeur la femme parfaite

  18. Emily says:

    Oh! This was always my favorite! Wierd!

  19. Vit says:

    Hm, I really like that dress, however it’s not my favourite one of her premier dresses. Beautiful cut, nice color and great material, but its shoulders.
    My favourite was POA New York premier. And of non-HP premiers, her dress on Wimbledon prem was totally awesome!

  20. KS987 says:

    Emma looked beautiful that day. I would have never quessed that her dress was torn when she bought it. I wonder if she still has it.

  21. Lizzie says:

    This dress looked great on her! I think this was the first time I thought: wow, she’s a woman. She was so grown up and beautiful! πŸ™‚

  22. Sena says:

    Such a beautiful girl πŸ™‚

  23. Lily says:

    I love YOU emma watson your so pretty