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More from Rouge in Love

New images from Emma’s Rouge in Love campaign were posted online.



Also Lancôme related, Carla sent in this photo of a display for Emma’s Tresor Midnight Rose campaign, from Valencia, Spain.


Not Lancôme, but a nice surprise, is this new image from the WB photoshoot in 2008. Thanks to Cine Mercado on tumblr.

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21 Responses to “More from Rouge in Love”

  1. Dr.Pepper says:

    Wow, all I can say is that Emma looks stunning, especially in the black and white photo. Thanks for posting dook.

  2. Nickolly says:

    You are Goddess)))

  3. EmWatson says:

    Оh , Thanks Xxx

  4. Anonymous says:

    What A Beautiful Angel, Emma You Are A Dream…

  5. emmawatsonfan14 says:

    wow! Emma looks amazing in pink!!! She looks great – as always…. thank you!

  6. Luis says:

    Very nice surprise indeed! 🙂
    I’m sure there are a lot of pics from previous years that we haven’t seen yet 😉
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. bayram can says:

    her şey çok yakışmış. harikasın .

  8. Amir-Brock says:

    I enjoyed very much.

  9. susangbhatt says:

    all photos r amazingley well.u looks like fairy who live in the world of stars.

  10. KS987 says:

    Thanks for posting these. Emma looks absolutely beautiful whether she has long hair or short hair. Since it’s February we should be getting more Lancome promotional stuff from Emma soon. 🙂

  11. shane says:

    All the pics are just so beautiful…. Emma Watson is so pretty!

  12. asim says:

    beauty queen

  13. hermi. says:

    Very nice photos. I really liked. All the pictures I saw online and the computer was the Sabbath. I’ve seen the video.

  14. manoj says:

    em i love you

  15. manoj says:

    emma worlds beautiful
    Love me (em).

  16. manuel says:

    i love you much, i like your eyes te quiero mucho y te extraño bastante

  17. manuel says:

    i love you much

  18. manuel says:

    i from mexico city

  19. manuel says:

    i like pictures beautiful and i like to movies the harry potte the 1-7 i love you much emma watson me and eres muy beautiful and LOVE ME LOVE ME

  20. sandip says:

    Emma is absolutely gorgeous just like a dream beauty or mixture of imagination is now alive….So Sweet Emma…….

  21. Nasrin says:

    It,s so beautiful!!! Thanks!