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Emma at New York Studio School Benefit

Emma Watson attended a benefit auction and dinner for New York Studio School of Drawing, Painting & Sculpture on Thursday. Fifty artists donated works for the Annual Benefit Auction and Dinner. Proceeds go to support the “School’s mission to provide an outstanding education for student artists and exceptional programs for the public”.


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55 Responses to “Emma at New York Studio School Benefit”

  1. Jule says:

    looking a little pale, but still sweet 🙂

  2. Lizy says:

    Love this casual style – still she looks quite skinny.
    She is just so sweet and natural <3

  3. Jana says:

    And I thought I am the only one who thinks that. She is quite skinny, has been for some time now. Maybe it is because of the clothes, too, but I read somewhere that she has size 32-36 which is really small. I certainly wouldn´t mind if she put on a bit weight, I definitely prefer the healthy look.

    • Lizy says:

      well yeah, but I think she has done a lot of filming and traveling during the last month. Last year she was at college and I think this might be an explanation. I go through this weight ups and downs when I’m stressed or busy. She has always been skinny and thin but luckily she is not one of these stars which look unhealthy and TOO skinny. I don’t want to push the weight-discussions. It’s not fair to her. She is doing so well and has always been a beautiful young lady 😉

  4. Heini says:

    I think Emma looks quite skinny now, but I’m now worried. She is a smart enough;) I really love her casual style – I really do.

  5. Jason says:

    Everyone says they don’t want to talk about her weight, but every single post above is about her weight:-)

  6. HELEN says:

    I have the same body shape/type, and I eat well and I’m super healthy. Not all of us girls look like victoria’s secret models you know?
    How come critics on weight come from GIRLS? Emma puts an accent on self esteem, loving yourself the way you are, how women put pressure on themselves and turn against each other etc. This is exactly what you do.
    This website is called not weight watchers.

  7. Hermione_Grangerfan says:

    It’s what happens when your busy with stuff. I am at college now, and doing all of the work and the way I eat here affects my weight too.

  8. Hermione_Grangerfan says:

    I also meant to add that she is very beautiful as always.

  9. sparkvark111 says:

    OMG folks…she is fine. 😐 Her weight has nothing to do with her being busy. She eats healthy and exercises. Quit this ‘skinny’ nonsense. 😕

  10. Joyce says:

    Emma looks the same way she has for the past four years to me, if not a little more womanly. Her weight is fine. She’s English, and so naturally pale. She looks beautiful. Leave it alone.

  11. tabitoo says:

    I’m so jealous she’s tiny but eats healthy like strawberries and granola and probably has a good exercise routine. I really need to eat the way she does.

  12. Susang bhatt says:

    Nice photos,emma looks very well as alwayr

  13. Jonny Carinthia says:

    I know that for some people it is a criminal offence to say, that she is too skinny. She is. There are some “killer pics” out there where you can see, that she is more or less “skin and bones”. And this is, after all, not healthy at all. Maybe Lagerfeld would love it, but this creepy guy is the only one……
    And it cannot be forbidden to worry about her health. She definitly should eat more. Strawberries are tasty, but they contain mostly water and living on that cannot be healthy at all…….

    • sparkvark111 says:

      “skin and bones”…Please! More nonsense. 😕

    • ema says:

      Oh please. I think all of us goes into “more or less skin” moments and we’re all alive, many of us with no health problems. Really, stop it: her weight is perfect.
      I’ll be worried abour all the America’s next top model girls.
      Those girls have weight problems!

  14. Jana says:

    Thanks Jonny 😉
    I didn´t mean to critisise her, it is just my own opinion. Of course, I want her to love herself and yes, everyone should. But it doesn´t matter if you love yourself and endanger your health at the same time. I am not saying that she is, I mean that in general. I am a huge fan of hers for years now and I admire her, but that doesn´t mean that I am not allowed to worry about her now and then. Just wanted to say that 😉

    • sparkvark111 says:

      NO one needs to worry about her; she is a grown woman and can make her own decision. She is not endangering herself and she is defiantly not too skinny. As long as you are within normal range of your Body Mass Index (BMI), you should be OK. I do not think she needs more EYEBALL nutrition experts passing judgment on her skinniness based on her appearance. Unless you know her exact measurements, fitness level, diet and exercise regiment, the state of her health is just pure speculation. I could go on, but I do not think it will make a difference. 😐

      • HELEN says:

        They can go on and on with their worries until the webmaster gets tired of it and closes this. sparky you’ve made a point and I agree with it 100 per cent. There is a lot to say on this subject but again we’re not on weight watchers website, but somewhere else.

        • Jonny Carinthia says:

          Sometimes, dear Helen, I am wondering for what reason pages like this one exists. Every time fans starting a discussion away from a “Sunshine-topic” (everything is ok, everything is beautiful, Emma never makes a mistake, Emma is always right……) they are treated like maniacs, idiots or simply people, not knowing what they are talking about. Unfortunatly I cannot post the one pic I had in mind when I wrote “Skin and bones”. Because it would be the proof, that she lost weight over the last months. And yes, looking at the story of other Hollywood-“celebrities” it is only fair and right to worry about a girl with legs like toothpick now. Wake up and compare pictures from the last 18 month, and you will see what happend. Open your eyes, for heavens sake!

          • sparkvark111 says:

            I have seen the comparisons. I still maintain that no one can conclude health from pictures. As long as she continues to eat healthy and exercise, it does not mean anything. All this talk shows ignorance as to what is a healthy weight. I will use science to determine what is healthy and not how a person appears in pictures. If we are basing are decision on appearances, I guess we need to tell those athletes running marathons they are too skinny and unhealthy because their bones are showing. What nonsense! 😐

  15. Adam says:

    I agree with Johnny Carinthia. Emma has lost some weight. Look at Emma Watson in the Perks and you can see how much weight she’s lost. You can see in her face from perks to now. You can see her face in perks was fuller and now it’s thinner. Also look at one promo still from perks when she’s sitting down. You can see from her legs there she’s lost weight. They had a more meat on them in perks. Anyone can notice that. As for if she is healthy only she knows if she is or not. But i noticed the lost weight after she finished filiming perks.

  16. Chris says:

    It’s disgusting to think that none of you give a damn about the fact that she went to support a CHARITY of the arts and instead can only talk about someone’s size and weight like the superficial creatures that you are. I suppose if Emma dropped a million dollars on a charity all you would talk about is whether or not her legs are too skinny in the publicity photo.

    • Jonny Carinthia says:

      Chris, it would be nice if Emma would tell us such things like supporting charities. It would be VERY NICE to talk about the fact, that she really cares for people and that she is donating…. But due to the fact, that she hardly ever talk about private matters, it is not easy to find ou such things…… And, since when it is forbitten to worry about somebody you worship?

      • Chris says:

        She’s not Jesus Christ Jonny, and what are you worshiping the person or the body? The fact that the word “BENEFIT” at the top of the headline is an indication of a charity event. One ticket to the dinner was $600 dollars that went right into the charity for the school. Why not talk about this event which was a charity event and silent auction?

        • Jonny Carinthia says:

          And basic informations about that event are to find where????? The info above the pics is one line, not really much to talk about. And to your question: I am a fan of her, of ALL aspects of her personality and artistry.

          • Jonny Carinthia says:

            Oh, and I forgot one thing. Unfortunatly she is not Jesus. Because Jesus talked more to his followers……

          • ema says:

            Chris, plese tell something to Jonny: I’m afraid if I tell him something, I’m going to be really really rude.

  17. Adam says:

    Chris – I see your point about the charity event and you’re right. Tbh it wasn’t crystal clear it’s a charity event. Maybe where you live it’s clear that benefit means a work of charity.But not where i live. Or other people for that matter. We only mentioned her weight because we dont want her to be unhealthy. We say it with good intention. No need to call us superficial creatures.No one hasn’t called you any names. Just make your point across. You found out that $600 went to charity. Us looking at the title and pics would never have guessed. But yeah it’s nice she’s doing a charity event. Total RESPECT for that.

  18. Jonny Carinthia says:

    @ema: yes, the thruth is sometimes difficult to accept…..

  19. Sacred_Path says:

    She is skinny alright, but it’s not possible to say if it’s a threat to her health. Some people (I know) have the constitution/ body type for it, and simply don’t care much for food.

  20. DataFan says:

    Why does everyone make a big deal about her size?! I read somewhere that Dan had said that he was short for his age, and if you look at pics of all three of them together, they are all around the same height. I think Emma was slightly taller than Dan, and Rupert was way taller than the other two. But Seriously, she’s a small person. Simple as that. It’s not like you can see her ribs and her collarbone sticking out, along with her hipbones. And besides, she’s also wearing a lot of black, which is very slimming. That could also be why she appears to be pale. She’s busy, and probably doesn’t really eat like the rest of us, or have the time to. Stop waiting for her to screw up. Stop nitpicking at every little thing about her, and enjoy the fact that she’s turned into a great role model.

  21. 130671 says:

    She has demonstrated for some years now that she is not prone to any weight “excesses” either up or down on the scale…so maybe we should trust HER to know what’s ok and what’s not.

  22. dook says:

    I think as long as I have been a fan people have been talking about how much weight she has lost, that she was getting so thin. If Emma lost as much weight as people imagined, she would have completely disappeared long ago. Let’s let Emma worry, or not, about her weight.

    Is she pale? No, I’d say it’s poor lighting. Other recent pics she looks fine.

    So, lets talk about the benefit. I’ve added some information to the post. I don’t think I would call this a charity event since the proceeds go to support the school. Government funding of the arts is abysmal and benefit auctions are a common way for art schools, museums, etc. to help fund their programs and keep the doors open.

  23. Andrew says:

    Emma looks great as always. And I love the picture in the background with the black and white coloring.

  24. v says:

    Months ago, when Emma was shooting that ad for the perfume, people were saying that Emma’s legs were too fat and they were expressing the same concern for her. Now, we have people who are “seriously” concerned that Emma’s legs are too skinny. It’s like nothing can make the public happy, they’ll always have something to say, or something to be “concerned” about. I think that the discussion on this post is proof to women that whatever weight you are, the public is never happy. This is why you should not care what the public or other people think because you’re going to go crazy. Emma’s barely had a break these past few weeks. She’s been going to back to back interviews and premieres across oceans. Excuse the girl for maybe losing a bit of weight. I’m sure she’ll get back to normal when her life settles down again.

  25. Ingrid says:

    Emma looks sweet. And about all this weight talk – Emma has always been skinny. I remember when I saw her IRL, my first reaction was like “Damn she’s skinny!” skinnier than she looks like in the pictures.

    But that’s it, she is skinny. Fine. Of course I would not like to see her becoming too skinny, or actually having eating disorders or whatever, but that is not something we can do anything about, now is it? Emma sometimes looses or puts on a little weight, and we simply have to hope that she’s in control about it.

    Showbiz is ruthless, there’s an obsession with looks and being skinny. But Emma is such a smart girl, and she seems to have a very healthy view on it all, so I think she’ll be fine. 🙂

    • Jonny Carinthia says:

      Also the smartest girls can be tricked by their own body, when it comes to a eating disorder (NO, I DO NOT SAY THAT EMMA HAS A EATING DISORDER!). Remember Princess Diana, for example!

      • Ingrid says:

        I’m just saying that I would be surprised if something like that happened to Emma, but you’re right – of course it can happen to anyone.

        I really hope Emma is doing well. I can see that she has lost weight, but the reasons for that are unknown. We actually don’t know anything, and we’re not suppose to either. If something is troubling her, I trust she is surrounded by close ones that can help and support her.

        All we can do is hope that she is doing well.

  26. Dohna says:

    I’m with you sparkvark111.

  27. Beales says:

    She looks good, casual but good. Think it’s great she’s supporting the school, I wonder what her connection is?

  28. Anonymous says:

    @spartak – Your comment abouy athletes being skinny. The difference is the athletes have pure muscle all over there body. So them being skinny is ok in that regard.

  29. sparkvark111 says:

    My comment was to illustrate that you cannot use appearance alone to determine what a healthy weight is without knowing the facts. As I have stated, I will go by science to determine what is right and not what someones EYEBALL tells them or what they THINK or BELIEVE it should be.

  30. Barb says:

    I just think she looks far younger than 22… More like 15…

  31. Anonymous says:

    @spartak – I see your point. But just remember when it comes to athletes. they’ll be really. But all rthere body is pure muscle

    • sparkvark111 says:

      There is no monolithic body type for anyone, even athletes. Not all athletes have a low body fat percentage or pure muscle. Body types vary depending on the person as well as the sport that they participate; i.e. very lean marathon runner versus a muscular sprinter or large weight lifter with some belly fat.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yeah but in this regard i wasn’t referring to weight lifters. Only the runners on the track field. I was on about.

  33. KS987 says:

    Ignoring all of the usual stupid “she’s gained/lost too much weight” comments, Emma looks stunningly gorgeous as always. Since Emma’s always been interested in art, it’s no surprise she would support an event like this. I hope she enjoyed her time there, and hopefully the place wasn’t damaged by Hurricane Sandy.

    • Jonny Carinthia says:

      Sometimes I am grateful for the fact, that the Spanish Inquistition is not responsible for postings about Emma…. (‘stupid comments’)