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Her worst nightmare (2009):"Sharks!"

Elle Belgique, Femina and Lancôme Blanc Expert

You could say this whole post was about Lancôme, and new photos of Emma Watson. The January issue of Elle Belgique and the current issue of Femina both feature images from a photoshoot by Alexi Lubomirsky for Lancôme.


Elle Belgique Source:





Elena has made edits of 3 photos from the scans from Femina. Nicely done.


And finally, a new advertising promo for Lancôme Blanc Expert.

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26 Responses to “Elle Belgique, Femina and Lancôme Blanc Expert”

  1. Luis says:

    I love her look & style, she’s really beautiful, however I’m concerned because she still looks so skinny in some pictures… don’t you think? =|
    Anyway, always my best wishes to you Emma =)

  2. Chris says:

    Last year’s advertising was almost too sweet, I kind of like that there’s a bit more of an edge in the advertising this time around.

  3. shane says:

    Emma always looks gorgeous.. I also like her picture for Blanc Expert (maybe because blue is my favorite color).

  4. susang bhatt says:

    All pictures r awesome.emma looks amazing as always in any outfit.

  5. sama says:

    Emma is beautyful!

  6. Helen2U says:

    Thank you for posting the edits, how coool is that!? and the elle belgium come next, well after the new year’s.

  7. Majid (One of the fans Emma in iran) says:

    You are wonderful Emma.This sentence is too complex
    i hope you see this message .i hope to see you
    Majid Ranjbar from Iran (a boy 18 years old)

  8. emma is beautyful foreveeeeeeeeerrrrrrr

  9. Thessalie says:

    I am fond of this photoshoot !!!!!!!
    (I don’t like the lancome ad though)

    • Helen2U says:

      thessie how dare you not like it? well it’s low quality, what if they post a hires one? that’d please my heart fo’ sure.

  10. matous says:

    do u need the translation from the Elle Belgique article/interview? i can do it way better than Google translation, you’ll actually understand what she’s saying…

    • dook says:

      If you think it is worth translating then that would be great. Some articles just say things we’ve already heard.

      • KS987 says:

        Most likely it’s stuff we’ve already know, but I would still like to see a translation to be sure.

        Emma looks stunningly sexy as ever, especially in the Lancome ad. 😀

  11. Lorine says:

    She is beautiful as usual. I love the photoshoot (more than the Lancome ad).

  12. Andrew says:

    Emma is very beautiful indeed. 😀 I especially like the way she stays in her position in the picture that says “She is infinite.” It is a classic. 🙂

  13. says:

    For the scans of Emma Watson for Elle Belgique, they come from my site!, an another website took them and didn’t put a source either. So please put the right source, thanks!

  14. 130671 says:

    Wow ! was my first thought too.

  15. tabitoo says:

    emma looks great Lancome was lucky to have her. That being said “Chris Pratt” and his fine bod in “Zero Dark Thirty” is how I picture Ron Weasley to look after auror training. 🙂 I’ve always pictured Ron Weasley to look like Chris Pratt. <3

  16. Lily says:

    I actually don;t like the last pic. Why do they airbrush Emma? She obviously doesn’t need it.

  17. Colfinnien says:

    Anyone needs some translation of the Femina article?maybe i can help a little bit…:)