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Emma Wins PCA Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress

Emma Watson won Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress at the 2013 People’s Choice Awards for her role in The Perks of Being a Wallflower. The other nominees for the award were Charlize Theron, Kiera Knightley, Rachel McAdams, and Meryl Streep. Perks received the win for Favorite Dramatic Movie. Here we have Emma accepting the award presented by her My Week with Marilyn costar Eddie Redmayne.

Congratulations Emma!


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51 Responses to “Emma Wins PCA Favorite Dramatic Movie Actress”

  1. Luis says:

    I really believe she can win an Oscar, someday 😉
    Congrats Emma!! 😀

  2. susang bhatt says:

    congrats for Wining a award & Hope More come in future.

  3. Rouka says:

    Congratulations Emma!

  4. chris says:

    Not only congrats to Emma, but to Stephen Chbosky. It was 12 years in the making and he was able to find an incredible cast. Not only did Emma win favorite actress, but the movie won favorite dramatic movie!

  5. Arthur says:

    Well deserved for a beautiful performance

  6. Jonny Carinthia says:

    performance = perfect
    dress = awful

    But I think, she got the award only because of us, her fans, voting for her like maniacs. Because the level of the performances of the other four ladies in the short presentations clips were high above Emma’s. But ok, she is still a “actress in progress”…..

    • Helen2U says:

      Judgemental as the usual, and do not bother to write a topic on emma’s dress or how the rest of the actresses had performed better in their movies or”the performances of the other four ladies in the short presentations clips were high above Emma’s”. APART FROM Merryl STREEP the other actresses are at emma’s small finger, she’s the most talented, beautiful. How come you contradict yourself? Her perf. is perfect yet their ” performances of the other four ladies in the short presentations clips were high above Emma’s”. Sometimes you feel like making up stuff about Emma isn’t it?

      • Jonny Carinthia says:

        It’s always the same, you cannot read. I said, her performance in Perks was perfect, nevertheless she would have had no chance against the other ladies, if we, her fans, would not have voted like maniacs. Do you really think that Emma Watson is a better actress then Meryl Streep? Come on!

        • sepid says:

          look if other ladies ‘s performance is much better than Emma,why their FANS did not vote for them??

          • Jonny Carinthia says:

            Because no other female star has so devoted and fanatic fans like Emma Watson. Although she is mostly ignoring them, they are supporting her in every way….

          • sepid says:

            and this is the point !!
            do you say that this reward doesn’t belong to EMMA??
            it’s belong to anyother except EMMA!
            did you mean that!

        • Helen2U says:

          Merryl Streep is a goddess but I said apart from her, and therefore is she has anough awards let the YOUNG ones have a bigger piece of cake. I’m quoting myself ”APART FROM Merryl STREEP the other actresses are at emma’s small finger, she’s the most talented, beautiful. ” Okay? The end.

      • Jonny Carinthia says:

        Helen2U,aswer me honestly if you think that Emma could do such scenes (do not relate to her personality, I refer only to her profession as actress and her ability to ACT)

        A clip with Keira Knightley, one of the other “four ladies”…

        • Jonny Carinthia says:

          @sepid: I mean that if you judge the five ladies on their acting abilities, Emma would not have wone. But it is called “Peoples Choice award”, and she was the choice of the people (her fans).

        • Helen2U says:

          she can do that and much more. She’s far more talented and famous than any of the actresses.

          • Jonny Carinthia says:

            dream on! She said “Perks” pushed her to her limits…. She could never do that (at the moment). But I forgot, for you she is a unfailable godess…

          • Helen2U says:

            Then why are you on a forum called emma watson? There’s no room for your anti-watson arguments. I believe in her and she’ll do brilliantly in her career and she’s got many movies in the pipeline that push her out of the comfort zone. The end.

          • ondo says:

            seriously, helen. all johhny has said was nothing but true. he hasn’t said anything bad about emma, btw.
            1. emma has amazing maniac fans
            2. emma won by “votes”
            3. emma has talent, that’s no doubt
            4. the other four are amazing actresses, that’s no doubt
            5. we still love emma no matter what

            that’s no doubt 😀

          • Jonny Carinthia says:

            @ondo: thank you. The only real difference is, that for me Emma is a “normal” human beeing, with all of the shortcomings a human beeing can have.

  7. Alex says:

    That’s not a surprise at all.

  8. Celia says:

    Yay!!! Go Emma!!

  9. I’m so so Happy for Her and I can tell you nothing and I’m so Happy WOW
    Congratulation Emma

  10. I believe Her that she’s always the winner

  11. Sacred_Path says:

    So glad she won. I voted ONCE 😉

  12. fatima says:

    i want to download this video..
    can you help me?

  13. Beales says:

    The award she won was for Favourite Dramatic Actress. Whoever wins the award deserves to win the award because they clearly are the “favourite”. It’s democracy.
    Congrats to Emma and everyone involved in Perks.

  14. Ingrid says:

    Wow, she won against quite a talented bunch. I’m not gonna go and start comparing these ladies acting abilities – Emma was voted for, and as a fan, I’m very very happy for her. 🙂

  15. tabitoo says:

    I though Perks should’ve won in it’s catagory too. 🙁 I’m so happy for Emma. 🙂 I also thought Potterheads would beat twihards. I’m a Twilight fan too but HP to me is on another level it’s a classic and will have fans for years and years. Also I liked Emma’s dress it fit the night young and cool. I hope Perks gets an Oscar nomination it deserves it. May looked great too I loved her hair and dress. The guys all had swag and Eddie is such a sweet heart. 🙂

  16. Kristen says:

    I am so proud of our Emma!!!!! 🙂 She MORE than deserved this award-she is going to continuously show people that she can be more than Hermione Granger-Weasley (whom of course I will ALWAYS love) 🙂

    Also GO PERKS!!!!!!!!! Deserving big time-again anyone who has not seen it yet, SEE IT!!!

  17. mirane says:

    i’m so proud of her

  18. berlin says:

    Go Emma!!! =)

  19. Jia says:

    Congratulations to the emmazing Emma! <3
    I feel so proud that my votes were among those millions of other votes that contributed to her success! 🙂

  20. ChezSoi says:

    I really really love her, but it seems to me that she becomes less and less authentic… 🙁 I sincerely hope that I’m wrong!

  21. christophe says:

    you really deserve this awards because you are so beautiful and a very very great actress i love you

  22. sparkvark111 says:

    Another Peter Pilotto, Spring/Summer 2013 collection. 🙂

  23. lovemma says:

    what feeling wonderful increadible for me
    I wish in futur you winner oscar and golden glob

  24. Helena says:

    Oh gosh, I felt like crying. I’m so silly! :'(

  25. Nicole says:

    Really pleased for Emma. She was up against some brilliant competition.

  26. Lorine says:

    I’m really happy for her and so proud! She deserves it. No doubt about that! She is a talented actress and she shown to everyone that she can be herself and not Hermione. She also shown that she can play differents roles. Congratulations from a french fan! 😀

  27. فلور says:

    اما بسیار زیبا و دلربا است و باید او را زیباترین زن جهان نامید ما منتظر همینیم و به اما تبریک می گوییم

  28. ریچارد says:

    تو هم مثل اما هستی فلور
    دوست دارم

  29. KS987 says:

    Congratulations to Emma!!! 😀 She’s really happy to have won this award. I wonder if this will be one of the awards that will remain close to her heart even after she’s won countless more years from now. And once again she looks absolutely beautiful as always. 🙂

  30. سوزان says:

    چشم بسته همه غیب گفتین اخه معلومه اما زیباست

  31. HAILEY says:

    great job Emma congrats!

  32. HAILEY says:

    Im so exited for Emma 🙂