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About fast fashion and Fair Trade (2010): "It's important to differentiate between fast fashion which is made very quickly for a very small price and Fair Trade fashion. Which means that if you buy a t-shirt which costs £2-3, you just have to do the math and work out how much the person who made it is being paid? So, Fair Trade fashion is still reasonably priced but allows the person who made it to earn a decent living and to be able to feed and take care of their families. It gives them enough money to live with dignity. I'm not saying that everything I wear will be Fair Trade from now on or that I'm an organic purist, it's just a great option and one I always try to make if available. I just try to ask more questions about where the garment comes from. I want to make good choices. I just think it's good to have Fair Trade fashion in the high street."

April 2013 Calendar Vote

Voting for our April calendar is now open.

Remember, you only get to vote one time. Do not vote multiple times from different emails, and do not ask your friends to come and vote on your calendar. Let’s keep the competition fair.

Please make sure you write your choices in the order you like them. Your favorite should be first, then next favorite, etc.

  1. View the calendars here. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger preview image. Take your time, make sure you scroll all the way to the end and check out all the calendars.
  2. Choose your favorite 5 calendars, and write down their numbers in order, from best to 5th place. You don’t have to choose 5, you can vote for just one if you like, but you can vote for 5.
  3. Send your vote in an email to or in a PM to me on the forums to dookdookdook.

Voting is open through April 1, 00:00 GMT.

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8 Responses to “April 2013 Calendar Vote”

  1. 7 says:

    Beautiful Calendars…

    My Favourites are 12, 14 and 21…

    In calendar 21… The Look on Emma’s Eyes… So Beautiful…

  2. Kr2n says:

    good calendars, but the best is the number 23… excellent!!!

    we have to celebrate the Emma’s birthday and some people forget it in the propositions, for me, for example, it’s very important.


  3. Thessalie says:

    As usual, there are many beautiful artwork that are not calendars. 30 numbers on a picture it’s not a calendar.
    So good luck to everyone, but I never vote for such a calendar, even though I honestly believe that it’s beautiful work and demands great talent !

  4. Stuart says:

    15 and 28 are the best

  5. Amir-brock says:

    What happend to your facebook?

    • Jia says:

      We have no idea what happened to our FB! Some other Emma’s FB fanpages have also disappeared… None of us got any notification from FB.. We’ve reported the issue many times but facebook never replies!
      We can do nothing but hope that our page comes back soon! :(