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About the first film (2007): "Sometimes, I'll go to a friend's house and their little brothers and sisters will be playing the first film on DVD and it's very strange. It's like your baby pictures but a whole film of it. I look so different."

Emma’s Beauty Tips in Marie Claire France

Emma talks style and beauty tips in the French issue of Marie Claire and online. Translation by Neve.


Q: At what age did you find your style?
A: I’m still looking for it! I always know what I feel like wearing on the red carpet. But it’s more complicated in my daily life – it usually depends on my mood… so it varies!

Q: What is your beauty routine on an ordinary day?
A: When I’m not working, I usually go for less. My skin needs some rest between two makeup sessions. I use moisturiser and go for some lip balm, a bit of mascara and a thin line of natural, brown eyeliner.

Q: An unforgettable facial treatment?
A: In New York, any personnalized facial treatment from Advanced Skin Care Day Spa. It’s amazing how it makes my face look healthier and more glowing.

Q: Your secret after a night out?
A: The Blush In Love Pêche Joue-Joue from Lancôme’s spring collection, all over the face. It’s very light so the result is subtle. It makes the skin glow without being over the top. You just look fresh and healthy.

Q: What kind of exercise do you do?
A: I’ve been practising yoga for a year with a coach. And I walk a lot and I go for a run if there’s a park nearby. Some greenery, some music and here I go!

Q: The perfume that feels most like you?
A: Trésor Midnight Rose by Lancôme. I usually wear it on the week-end or when I go out in the evening. To me, it means fun so I usually avoid it when I’m working.

Q: Your go-to moisturiser?
A: Rose Soothing & Protective Moisturiser by MV Organic Skincare. I love its smell and its super soft formula is great for my sensitive skin. I use the entire collection!
[Note: Emma is actually featured on the MV Organic Skincare website as the product is mentioned in an article about her makeup routine in Cosmo (a scan is provided): ]

Q: A personal beauty tip?
A: I always press a warm towel sprinkled with lavender oil before removing my makeup. It makes the whole process less abrasive for the skin.

Q: What advice did your mother give you?
A: Never let yourself go. She is very classy and keeps inspiring me.

Q: What is the best definition of beauty according to you?
A: Believing in yourself, being self-confident, it makes you look beautiful. That was Audrey Hepburn’s case.

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16 Responses to “Emma’s Beauty Tips in Marie Claire France”

  1. Chris L says:

    Emma is lucky in that she does have a natural beauty, and what’s smart about her is that she knows that and keeps things simple.

  2. Thessalie says:

    They also say the film will be out in June !

  3. sparkvark111 says:

    Entertainment Tonight – Flashback: Emma Watson, 11, on Original ‘Potter’ 😀


  4. sparkvark111 says:

    Here is a part of the ‘Pantomime’ song from Ben Hammersley, Ólafur Arnalds and Emma Watson that they did in Iceland last year.


  5. Andrew says:

    You know, I like the fact that Emma does yoga. I exercise on a regular basis too. I don’t do it everyday like I need to do, but I do it as much as I can. 😀

  6. Emma says:

    is the photo gallery being updated? it says that its offline

  7. ariadne says:

    She has really great beauty tips.

  8. Iris says:

    That moisturizer is over 100 dollars for 70 ml! As much as I would like to have it, i dont have that kind of money.

  9. 7 says:


    Your Eyes…

    Are A Window To My Soul…

    I Love You Beautiful…

  10. Gallary says:

    When will be the gallary come back??

  11. tatiana says:

    ha! she just compared herself to audrey hep… lol

  12. sparkvark111 says:

    There will show a clip of ‘The Bling Ring’ at 11pm ET, April 12 and will be followed by a Q&A with Emma and the cast.

    Link awards-sneak-peek-week.jhtml

    Peak at seating for Emma and Logan Lerman at the MTV Movie Awards.


  13. Nicole says:

    Emma always has great beauty tips 🙂 and she has flawless skin, so they must really work! 🙂 I agree moisturizer and taking off makeup before bed is always a good idea 🙂