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About whether or not she's looking forward to doing her own driving lessons (2006): " I'm actually really not! (laughs) I mean, I just have such a bad feeling about me and driving, I just don't think I'm going to be very good at all. But I've got a few years to go until I'm 17 before I can apply for my driving license so I got a little while to go yet... But I suppose the idea of a nice car kind of attracts me. I just love Rupert's car, he has a nice amazing black Mini and it's gorgeous. "

This is the End Premiere

Emma Watson attended the premiere of This is the End yesterday at the Regency Village Theatre in Westwood, California, sporting a new hairstyle and an outfit by Roland Mouret. This is the End opens June 12.


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14 Responses to “This is the End Premiere”

  1. Tia says:

    This kid is classy

  2. Iris says:

    Her top isn’t my taste but her hair looks beautiful. I hope she had fun at the premiere.

  3. Sheila says:

    When do you open the gallery again?? 🙁 🙁

  4. Marie says:

    I don’t like her hair style…..but love the outfit and the shoes!

  5. Kristen says:

    I love the elegance and the coolness of Emma’s outfit…her hair is too cute! Seth Rogen and the guys-I am coming to see yall in theaters soon!! LOL

  6. chris says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laughing so much on a red carpet and that was great to see! Also liked the hair style and her outfit. This premiere isn’t really dress or skirt attire and I like that she doesn’t necessarily have a style.

  7. Are born as a star in the world of cinema. The story of the star that matters most. I like to live my dreams.

  8. 7 says:

    I Am so glad and Happy For these Videos And Pictures Of Emma… They Mean so much to My Heart And Soul… They Are a Blessing to Me… But at the same time I cant stop Feeling Sad and Sorry For Emma… The Pressure She has to Endure in that Red Carpet with all The Noise and The Lights Flashing in Her Face… Everyone taking photographs and Yelling Her Name Telling Her to Do This and That and Asking Questions… I Understand that it is their work and that the people just want to reach Her but I can Compreend the Pressure And Isolation that Emma must Feel in those moments… I just Thank God Emma Has the Strenght To Endure it and that She Has People In Her Life That Understand And Support Her… People She Can Trust to Help Her overcome those Feelings and moments… I am just Happy She Always Stayed true to Herself… That She Always Has Been Her Beautiful True Self…

    Regarding this Movie… Altought I Dont Support it mainly Because Of The Subject it Picked To Make Fun of… I still Understand that Emma Didnt Participate in this movie To Make Fun Of that Subject… I Believe She Took Part in it To Be In A New Project And Experience Where She could have some fun and also where She Would Have A Chance To Be Herself at least Regarding Her Name… I say this because it is hard for me to Imagine Emma with an axe killing zombies… It is easier for me to Imagine Emma Transforming Demons Into Angels simply by Shining Her Beauty at them…

    And speaking of this…

    In the First Video… When Emma Looks At the Camera at 1:32… Her Eyes and that Look Of Love really Touch My Heart and Bring Love Into My Soul… I have Dreamed and Searched all my life For a Love like that… The Love that Emma Has Inside Her Heart and that Shines In Her Eyes… I just Thank God Everyday that I Exist and that I Am Alive Because I Share the Same World With Emma… Altough I am not With Her which Is My Dream… I will always be Blessed To Know that A Heart And Soul Like Emma Is Real and exists… I Will Always Know that Real Beauty And True Love is a reality and not just A Dream… I Will Always Be Inspired And Have Meaning In My Life Because Of Emma… In a world with so much fear and darkness there still is Pure Divine Love that Shines and transforms that fear and darkness into Love And Light… I Found that Pure Divine Love when I Looked Into Emma’s Eyes… I Found Emma…I Found An Angel…

    I Pray and Wish that Emma will Always Be Truly Loved and Happy…

    Because everytime My Heart and Soul Needs Love and Inspiration…

    All I Need and Have to do Is just look at This Beautiful Angel…

  9. Bradley says:

    And winning the award for most inane article about my favorite British import: a Yahoo story noting that Emma did NOT have a wardrobe malfunction at this premier. No kidding. The headline is “Emma Watson’s (Almost) Embarrassing Wardrobe Malfunction”

    In a similar vein, I would like everyone to know that I did NOT trip over my cat while getting out of bed today. LOL

  10. susang bhatt says:

    all photos r simple outstanding. emma looks amazingly well in any outfit. waiting for a movie & hope this movie will rock the box office.

  11. Jaana says:

    Wow, her outfit is amazing! It’s so different and youthful and funky… I love it! And her hair and makeup just bring the whole thing together. She looks gorgeous, like she always does. 😀 Oh, and I have to say, Seth Rogen is hot!

  12. Sweet_Rose says:

    Aww, she looked stunning there. I just hate that mad crowd:(

  13. Rolo says:

    I luv u toooo much!!!!!!

  14. Mike says:

    Emma will be outstanding in this funny movie with some of the biggest comedy actors in the business. Seth Rogan, Johna Hill, Cannot wait to see this movie! She’s amazing and is the next Julia Roberts of her time. Now she just needs a love story like pretty women to launch her career into the statisphere.