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One word to sum up her HP experience (2011): "Well, it's got to be 'magical', hasn't it."

New Bling Ring Stills and Interview


Catching up on new stills from The Bling Ring, and a new interview from StudioCanal.

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10 Responses to “New Bling Ring Stills and Interview”

  1. david ale says:

    Emma Watson a estimé le message suivant est à vous féliciter pour votre Nuebo de travail “l’anneau bling” j’espère continuer saisissant alors … nous aimons les films en Argentine.
                                                                          david ale soigneusement salutations

  2. susang bhatt says:

    interview & all pose r nice.

  3. Bradley says:

    I try to make my comments thoughtful and reflective of some depth, but little things reach me too. As an American I am charmed by the British pronunciation of Los Angeles, even moreso when coming from my favorite U.K. import. (“Loss anjel EEZ” says our lady, as opposed to our “Loss anjel ESS” as I would say it.) Nice job collecting and posting all these interviews, Dook.

  4. Arghavan says:

    Thank you soooo much for these AMAZING pics & video! 🙂

  5. Kristen says:

    I love how she pronounces American things too 🙂
    I never thought about it but Emma is right-she does play Nicki as these 3 different personalities-with her friends all cool and no worries; with her parents lil Ms. Innocent who does nothing wrong; and the manipulative, con artist brat with the media! In other words, Emma did freakin awesome playing the role to the tee-Nicki to me really has no redeeming qualities. Again, they all got what they deserved.

    • Bradley says:

      Though I haven’t seen it yet, I agree with both your assessment of Emma’s acting and of the real-life “Ringers.” On the latter subject: when I see anyone indulge in sociopathic behavior, I can’t help but wonder “how do they see themselves? What makes them think that there is nothing wrong with what they are doing?” I would have taken a part in a film like that just to get the answers to those questions. If reincarnation is real, perhaps I was a criminal psychologist in a previous life. LOL

  6. David says:

    pour Emma, Bonne chance pour ton mariage.

    For Emma, Good Luck For you Mariage.

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  8. Bradley says:

    Something tempted me to re-watch the video, and I noticed that Emma had actually answered (or speculated on) a question I had posed in an earlier thread. I was curious to know what the real Bling Ringers thought of themselves after they got caught. Emma speculates that “At the end of it all, they would do it again, that it made them happy.” One is tempted to hope Emma is wrong, but sadly, she is probably correct.

  9. cemal says:

    Actually fine but some scenes interesting:)