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About rebellion (2011): "There has never been room in my life for that – I couldn't imagine giving my family any more trouble, it's already been complicated enough."

Emma to Star in Thriller “Regression”

Emma Watson has reportedly signed on to star in Alejandro Amenábar’s upcoming thriller Regression along with Ethan Hawke.

“I am passionate about Alejandro and his work and am so happy to be collaborating with him. I’m really excited by the challenge my character presents to me as an actress. I can’t wait to begin,” said Watson.

“Emma is a beautiful, humane, sensitive and very talented woman, and I feel very fortunate to be working with her. I’m sure that her long-standing stellar career has barely begun,” said Amenábar.

Amenábar (“The Others”) will direct from his own original screenplay, “which is set in 1980 in a small Minnesota town where a man is arrested for sexually abusing his daughter. He admits his guilt despite having no memory of it. With the help of a psychologist, he relives the memories and implicates a police officer as his partner in crime. The man’s estranged son and other townspeople are also suddenly able to relive suppressed memories of horrific abuse. At the same time, the local news reports blame a Satanic cult that has been performing rituals of orgies, assault, killing animals and even babies, for years. The officers are alarmed when similar reports come in from all around the country—they believe they’ve uncovered a national and possibly supernatural conspiracy. Is the abuse real, or something else?”

Hawke will play the role of the father. No confirmation yet on Emma’s role. Regression is expected to be released in 2015.

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11 Responses to “Emma to Star in Thriller “Regression””

  1. Chris says:

    It’s a very dark storyline and I like that. She’s not afraid to try different things with roles and I like that attitude for her, very curious to see what role she plays.

  2. Brittain says:

    Yeah I’m interested to see what she does next…she’s do talented!

  3. Brittain says:


  4. sparkvark111 says:

    The story sounds a little weird…but a movie with Ethan Hawke is OK with me. He has been doing some strange projects though. 😛

  5. susang bhatt says:

    interesting to see emma’s role in the movie & how she adept a new role.

  6. Anonymous says:

    oooh, wow, very unlike anything she’s done so far! Probably playing the daughter, very interesting.

  7. Ian says:

    Great news, but… Voice, 20, that YA thing (is that still on?), Beauty and the Beast, this… when are they actually going to start shooting these things?!

  8. Kristen says:

    I really am interested to see what else Emma has in store for the future 🙂 She will maybe take more risks or not so we will see…either way I support Emma in her career and will watch her movies. I really want Wile We’re Young to move forward and especially B&B!

  9. KS987 says:

    It’s funny how some of Emma’s projects are speculated before being confirmed, yet others are announced out of nowhere. She already had three projects she planned on doing and this makes four. And she certainly has variety as these films seem extremely different from one another. The story makes it seem like it will be her darkest film to date. I hope we get to hear more about her role soon.

    And yes Emma dropped out of YVIMH because it was taking to long to get started and she has other things to do. She actually left the project before, later rejoined, and then left again. That’s how long it was taking.