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Emma is Actress of the Year at the Elle Style Awards

Emma Watson was awarded Actress of the Year at the 2014 Elle Style Awards held earlier today at One Embankment in London. Emma wore a spring 2014 dress by Giambattista Valli with Christian Louboutin pumps.


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24 Responses to “Emma is Actress of the Year at the Elle Style Awards”

  1. John Smith says:

    Ooooo pretty 🙂

  2. susang bhatt says:


  3. Phillip says:


  4. Deborah says:

    Nice, but she always black. She’s such a beauty, that she could wear very well any colored dress.

  5. Vicky says:

    She is a beautiful girl but that dress is just a bit too fussy with that huge bow. I do hope she makes the Queen of Tearling because I, and many other of her older fans, can’t really identify with films like Perks and The Bling Ring. I am so looking forward to Noah.

  6. just me says:

    But she’s kinda skinny… At least her legs are…

    But in the end she looks beautiful! LOVE the dress

  7. Brittain says:

    I’m so glad she won an award! Yay. Love her dress, she so beautiful. Can’t wait for Noah either!!

  8. Stanley Wyka says:

    Congrats to you Emma. A beautiful woman, and a Wonderful actress. A class act!

  9. Bradley says:

    Very nice. Any video/interviews of her accepting the award? I could sit and listen to her all day.

  10. Brittain says:

    Bradley, that’s what I want too!

  11. Stanley Wyka says:

    I would treasure meeting her one day.So beautiful, and talented! God Bless you Emma!

  12. Brittain says:

    When Rupert talks, he melts me.

  13. dook says:

    Bradly, Brittain, I’ve added a video from the red carpet. I’ve seen a gif of Emma accepting the award so there is a video out there, but I haven’t found it.

  14. Thessalie says:

    Who is the lady with her ?

  15. anastasia says:

    is it a scar on her left leg? (picture 7) where did she get it?

    • Hiltje says:

      it could be an indentation on the skin because it goes down below the back of her knee and then up again. Maybe she got it from sitting down? I get those marks all the time when I’ve sat down for a while 😉

  16. Sweet_Rose says:

    Congrats, Emma! Nice:)

  17. Bradley says:

    Always wonderful to hear from my favorite import from the mother country. (I’m an American with British ancestry/roots) She’s always so personable.

  18. KS987 says:

    Congratulations to Emma!! I wish we had footage of her accepting the award though.

    She looks beautiful as ever :).