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About fast fashion and Fair Trade (2010): "It's important to differentiate between fast fashion which is made very quickly for a very small price and Fair Trade fashion. Which means that if you buy a t-shirt which costs £2-3, you just have to do the math and work out how much the person who made it is being paid? So, Fair Trade fashion is still reasonably priced but allows the person who made it to earn a decent living and to be able to feed and take care of their families. It gives them enough money to live with dignity. I'm not saying that everything I wear will be Fair Trade from now on or that I'm an organic purist, it's just a great option and one I always try to make if available. I just try to ask more questions about where the garment comes from. I want to make good choices. I just think it's good to have Fair Trade fashion in the high street."

Queen of the Tearling Update

Emma Watson will play Kelsea Glynn in the film adaptation of Erika Johansen’s upcoming Queen of the Tearling trilogy. The story is of a young woman, “raised by foster parents in a cottage hidden away in a remote forest. On her 19th birthday, Kelsea is removed from her home to take her rightful place as sovereign of a fictional post-utopian country that hides dark secrets and is menaced by a neighbouring monarch.”

“Before filming, Emma will have to learn to ride a horse, bulk up (not too much), and do weeks of combat training (including knife work and swordsmanship). She’ll also be taught how to snare rabbits and practise climbing trees. The Queen Of The Tearling is like Game Of Thrones and The Hunger Games meets Pulp Fiction; there’s a feminist perspective, but also a lot of bloody goings-on.”

David Heyman will produce, with Emma as an executive producer. A script is due soon and then a search for a director will begin. No projected filming date has been announced.

The first part of the Tearling trilogy will be published this month, July 8 in the US and July 17 in the UK.


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5 Responses to “Queen of the Tearling Update”

  1. emily says:

    O My god!!!

  2. tabitoo says:

    This book is a really good book. I’ve read it 3x so far and the last 2 chapters made me cry every time. lol Though I’m not quite sure I’d say it is a YA book because it has a very mature subject matter. Also it’s kind of funny but “The Queen’s Guard” use very colorful language which Kelsea never hearing those words before is very keen on learning. A few F bombs and MF though Kelsea is yet to drop an F bomb herself in the first book. lol Though there is some mentions of rape and even mentions of child rape. Blood shed and dismemberment so yeah I see why some relate it to GoT but seeing that kelsea is a YA and it is mostly first person then I can also see the YA rating though I’d say its for mature YA only. I loved the book and Kelsea is a very intriguing female character and I’d def recommend it. It’s also fun reading it and picturing Emma as Kelsea. Can’t wait for the movie.

  3. Breeanne says:

    Ive never read or heard bout this book maybe I should read it what is it called agian?

  4. Breeanne says:

    K thanks! 😉