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About the inspiration behind her People Tree collection (2010): "I went through my wardrobe and thought that if I filtered out my clothes and took it down to the absolute basics, what would I want in my wardrobe? It was cotton vests, really easy t-shirt dresses, nice scarves and maybe an easy summer linen shirt. And with the boys it's just the basics such as a comfortable hoody. I've done a couple of art designs for t-shirts too including, ‘I'm not toxic' for the boys and for the girls I've done, ‘please don't panic I'm organic'. I was aware that I didn't want to preach, you don't want to be too serious or too heavy. I also came up with a daisy chain print which I'm proud of, it's fun and messy. I just wanted to make something wearable and cool and easy."

August Calendar Vote

Voting for the August calendar is now open.

Remember, you only get to vote one time. Do not vote multiple times from different emails, and do not ask your friends to come and vote on your calendar. Let’s keep the competition fair.

Please make sure you write your choices in the order you like them. Your favorite should be first, then next favorite, etc.

  1. View the calendars here. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger preview image. Take your time, make sure you scroll all the way to the end and check out all the calendars.
  2. Choose your favorite 5 calendars, and write down their numbers in order, from best to 5th place. You don’t have to choose 5, you can vote for just one if you like, but you can vote for 5.
  3. Send your vote in an email to or in a PM to me on the forums to dookdookdook.

Voting is open through August 1, 00:00 GMT.

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15 Responses to “August Calendar Vote”

  1. Breeanne says:


  2. Breeanne says:

    I can vote that many, right?

  3. Babe says:

    The second one is such a good one. But isn’t it the calendar of July?

  4. Harald the Sage says:

    Is No.: 10 a real foto or a foto composition…if not,where is it from?

    • Thessalie says:

      10 is not Emma !

      • Henny says:

        yah… it is definitely not Emma

        • Harald the Sage says:

          “Fakes” shouldn’t be allowed

          • Thessalie says:

            Oh Harald you shouldn’t worry because for sure I believe it’s not gonna win…

          • dook says:

            In a previous post I mentioned that the rules we have don’t specify that the calendar must be about Emma, and gave the example that someone could make a calendar with cats, as a joke really. Obviously cats or fakes are not in the spirit of what the competition is about.

            In this case, the maker may have not realized it was a “fake”. This and other pictures have fooled a lot of people. I didn’t recognize it as not Emma until after I had accepted it.

  5. Thessalie says:

    I really like the dress effect on 14 :)

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like:

    13, 14, 22, 7, 2