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About alleviating poverty through fashion (2010): "As someone who is very interested in fashion and has been doing a lot with the fashion world recently, I thought it was a really amazing idea to try to alleviate poverty through such a strong industry and it's something fun as well. Rather than giving to charity, this gives people the means to fight their way out of poverty themselves with dignity. It gives them the chance to work. It gives them their pride."

New Colonia Poster and Still


The world premiere of Colonia takes place today at the Toronto International Film Festival. Emma is in California to film The Circle but she has released a new teaser poster and a still from the film on her facebook and twitter accounts.




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6 Responses to “New Colonia Poster and Still”

  1. 130671 says:

    I’m surely not complaining but that movie poster looks like an ad for cosmetics or something 😛

  2. Ian says:

    Can’t wait for this! Sure will be nice when all these movies actually start coming out!

  3. susang says:

    nice poster waiting for releasing date.

  4. fuzzy says:

    what would the world do without photoshop?

    • elena says:

      unfortunately she doesn’t wear any photoshop on her face, they just cropped the image and put the text on it.

  5. Kristen says:

    Please release her movies to the US already!!!! Dying to see both of these!! I saw the trailer and OMG…