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About hugging Dan in COS (2005): "It seems like nothing, I made a huge deal of it, I was so mortified. For me, hugging a guy, oh! (bursts out laughing). In front of everyone in the Great Hall... I was mortified."

New Colonia Stills


New stills from Florian Gallenberger’s Colonia have been released. The film will premiere in Germany at the Sony Center, Berlin on 5 February. Stars Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl are scheduled to attend. Colonia opens in theaters 18 February in Germany and 15 April in the US.


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3 Responses to “New Colonia Stills”

  1. Ian says:

    A release date! Hooray! Hopefully/presumably Aus won’t be far behind the US…

  2. Fernando says:

    Nice,love the pics,thanks.! Emma sure is lovely.! It opens here rt on her b-day,cool.!