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About Emma Thompson (2004): "Emma Thompson is playing Professor Trelawney and I was so excited to work with her 'cause she's great, I love her, she does such a great job, she's hilarious in this film, she's so funny, it's great!"

Emma at the Colonia Berlin Premiere

Emma Watson attended the Berlin premiere of Colonia on Friday along with co-stars Daniel Bruehl and Michael Nyqvist and director Florian Gallenberger.





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5 Responses to “Emma at the Colonia Berlin Premiere”

  1. Mark Barkley says:

    Thank you for being a good example for young mature minded Women! Your have excellent taste in clothing! You must always speak and act from your ❤!

  2. Fernando says:

    Nice,wow,Emma looks great.! I can’t wait for this to come this way.!

    • me says:

      She looks terrible, to be honest. Like she’s aged ten years in the last six months. What the hell has she done to herself?!

  3. Amy says:

    Okay, I am sorry but it definitely doesn’t look like she’s 35, I don’t know what you’re saying. She looks extremely gorgeous!

  4. Josie says:

    Emma Watson is amazing and am so glad she is continuing in the acting career